Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Woke to a socked in cloudy sky . After chores and breakfast the sun was trying to break through so off I went on my morning walk.
The first thing I noticed was how little dew there was on the grass this morning. I could have walked in my tennis shoes today and not got my feet wet.
As I walk I always try to enjoy the beauty God has put before me. This morning was no exception as I captured this beautiful little butterfly flitting from leaf to leaf.They are small and quick so I felt lucky to catch one with its wings spread open.The beauty of the morning sun shinning through the clear creek waters.

The beauty of the wild (weeds) flower blooms this time of year.

Enjoying watching Annie take her daily dip in the creek. She always goes to the same place and just stands in the water until I get out of her sight,then she catches up to me so she can shake some water on me.
The mornings are so peaceful around here with nothing but nature noises to listen to as I walk ,a perfect time to have one of my daily conversations with God.
It was 66 degrees as I began walking this morning,82 in the heat of the day and is now 68 at 10:00 as I type this while daughter is doing her baking.
Today was laundry and housecleaning day as well as end of the month time to change all furniture covers and rugs. I'll need to do more laundry loads tomorrow to get all the extra stuff washed and line dried.
I watered my potted plants tonight as we are really dry again. Hubbie did some watering in the garden of the newly planted greens and broccoli.
I tried to sit out on the patio like we have been doing every night but tonight the mosquitoes found me and I decided to sit in the sunroom to watch the darkness settle in this evening.
I iced 6 caramel cakes this morning and 6 more tonight.
Don't know what kind of sales we'll have this weekend as the Apple Festival is in town. Sometimes that helps sales and sometimes it hurts, we'll just have to wait and see.
So far I have taken several orders for both days so that is a good sign.
I am finished icing and am listening to the 11:00 news before heading to bed.
The govenor of NC estimates damages from hurricane Irene is 70 Million dollars, more than 1100 homes were destroyed and roads were washed away.
There is another predicted hurricane headed this way but is a long way off and it's too early to plot a path very far.
A teenage girl left her dead 2 day old baby in a trash can in the local Bi Lo store a couple days ago. They have not said why she just left it ,but she did say it was already dead, thankfully. They haven't given her age but she must be under 16 because they can't give her name. She must have wanted someone to find the baby because she left it in an open topped trash can instead of in the one with a lid. Many questions are unanswered!

God is in control always and I rest in the peaceful knowledge of His Glory.
Good Night and God Bless.

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