Monday, August 22, 2011


G-son was here before 7 this morning,luckily Hubbie is off today and got up with him so I could get up at my regular time.
After I finished chores,breakfast and refilling all the bird feeders it was time for the test of my new boots.
They passed with flying colors,no moisture inside at all. They are not as comfortable as some of the others but I'll get used to them when they are broken in. I was just so glad to have dry socks when I came back in after my walk.
I heard the song of what we used to always call a Jar Fly as I walked and spotted it on this electric fence holder.
What ever you call them, Jar Fly, Harvest Fly, Dog Day Cicada, or just Cicada their buzzing song is unmistakable. I would have loved to have gotten a closer picture but it flew before I got any closer.

These lichens growing on this old rotten piece of log looked like flowers I thought.

I put an Avon order on line when I got back to the house and then Hubbie,g-son and I headed out to run a couple errands.
We took some peaches by his work place for a man he works with,then checked on daughter's house, she has been re-approved for her grant money so closing should happen soon.
Then we stopped at Sam's for a few groceries and lunch. G-son loves their cheese pizza, I guess because it's so greasy !!
Hubbie and I had hotdogs.
Back home I worked on my blog book while g-son played in his tent in his play room and Hubbie mowed the lawn.
It is a mid 80's sunny day with not a cloud in sight. This might change drastically this week end as Hurricane Irene roars toward the Carolina coast.
Daughter was supposed to go with a group of friends to a bachelorette party at Myrtle Beach this week end but they are changing their plans to go west instead of east, maybe Dollywood.
After d-in-love picked up g-son I went outside to get my daily dose of vitamin D and pull weeds out of my patio and steps gravel.
After supper Hubbie and I sat in the outside patio and enjoyed another late summer afternoon.
This little guy was scratching and pecking where we had thrown some grape hulls.I have never noticed the pink legs before. This feature identifies this as a Mourning Dove.
After evening chores I came inside to get a head start on my baking. I baked 40 layers,3 pound cakes and 2 wine cakes tonight.
It is almost midnight,I just took the last cake out of the oven so I'm off to bath and bed.

Grateful to God for the blessings of today.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Of course, it could change by the minute, but tonight, it looks as if that storm could give the Ocean Isle and North Myrtle Beach a direct hit.... Ocean Isle is where we vacation every year --sometime twice a year... Gads--I hope not.... I'll keep my fingers crossed for that area--and anywhere along the coast where it may hit...

Wish we could get some rain here --but doesn't look like it will get far enough west to help our drought. We had to water the plants/shrubs/flowers really good today.. We are turning brown and things are droopy and shriveled up... Terrible!!! We have had any measurable rain here since the end of June...

Keep you all in my prayers--although you probably will just get rains.