Friday, August 26, 2011


Already hot this morning and as I can attest by the sweat that is dripping off me as I walk this morning it is definitely still summer time.
Even in the heat I love this late summer time because of all the beauty in nature that seems to show off just before it is time for the cooler weather.Ragwort blooms on the creek bank.

Everywhere you look the grass is dotted with color,white Queen Anne's Lace,yellow Primrose, and purple Chicory.

Golden Rod and Fleabane Daisy's .

Queen of the Meadow,Jewel weed, and Primrose.

Sulpher butterfly on false dandelion.

Sulpher butterfly on Burdock blooms.

A White butterfly shares this Burdock with a friend.

A colorful mushroom.

It felt good to get back into the cool house this morning after my walk in the already low 80's temperatures.
I baked cakes until lunch time, 2 pound and 4 wine cakes with 8 layers for coconuts and 2 layers for chocolate cakes.
After some popcorn chicken and cucumbers for lunch I headed to church to work. Some clouds are starting to roll through from the outer bands of hurricane Irene but we don't expect any rain in our area.
I came home got a cool drink and sat down for a few minutes until Hubbie got home from work. We went back to church to finish our work but there were some folks there from the contemporary music group practicing so we left and came home to wait.
The preacher called and said they were going to vacuum the church since they took my time without letting me know ahead of time.
I talked to him about maybe we should think about getting someone who could work during the day cleaning the church when there was no conflict. I wanted to let him know I wanted to do what was best for the church.
Hubbie and I relaxed this evening while watching the news on the hurricane as it nears all the islands we have vacationed on up the North Carolina coast.
This is a historic storm as 29 million people are under evacuation orders all along the east coast. The New York mass transit system will be shut down for the first time in history tomorrow and all the airports are closing in anticipation of the major flooding that is predicted with this slow moving storm.
Many people are not following the evacuation orders and are choosing to ride it out. I pray that these folks stay safe and are making the right decision. I can relate to some of the reasons for staying but don't think any of them would be good enough to make me take a chance on getting blown or washed away by Irene.Predictions for storm surges on the Outer Banks is 6-12 feet and rainfall totals as high as 15" in a 12 hour period could happen tomorrow all along the coast.

So glad tonight that I can rest in the confidence that God is in control and I know His will is best.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

Beautiful flowers...I am already missing the long summer days but not the humidity which arrives a little later in the day now.

Irene is looking scary. May every one be safe.