Friday, August 19, 2011


Up and out to finish chores ,looking forward to trying out my new hiking boots.With the grass still heavy with morning dew I lace up and start out. Wow , they are so comfortable and feel so supportive around my ankles.
But wait, as I cross the bottom pasture ,my socks feel wet already, surely not, maybe its just the coolness sinking into the toes of my new waterproof boots,yea that must be it. I mean they say they are waterproof, right???
I finish my walk,hoping for some miracle as I remove my boots that my socks are still dry even though I can feel water squishing between my toes !!!!!!
Do not buy Columbia Coremic Ridge waterproof hiking boots if you want your feet to stay dry !! I guess waterproof holds a different meaning to the folks who make these shoes.
I iced 12 caramel cakes before lunch . Ate lunch and then took the boots back to the store while they were still dripping wet inside. The manager at the store couldn't believe it when he felt inside the boots.
Makes me wonder if someone has stuck some counterfeit boots in this store. But I sure didn't pay counterfeit price !!
Anyway they gladly gave me my money back.
Now I'm on the hunt again for a truly waterproof hiking boot. Any suggestions ??
With this cleared up I spent the rest of the afternoon working at church.
I made an Avon delivery on my way home and picked up a bag of Honeycrisp apples from a local apple house that always has these. They are my favorite apple to eat.
Hubbie was home from work when I got here and we headed back to church to finish work there.
Back home we had salads for supper and then planted Kale greens in our fall garden.
I sat outside and watched the sunset in the distant clouds.I watched this bird as it soared around under the clouds,wondering what it must be thinking way up there and what the world must look like from way up there?As I did the evening chores I got a phone call from sis-in-law , she is a grandma again !!
My nephew and his wife are the proud parents of a big 8 lb, 22 inch long bouncing baby boy born at 5:45 this evening.Not due until the 23rd ,he just couldn't wait to meet everyone !! Welcome little great nephew !!!
The heat is creeping back in as today it was 88 degrees with hot sunshine most of the day. Some clouds this evening but no rain. The humidity level is climbing back up as well and there was no breeze at all this evening as I sat outside it was uncomfortable.
I iced 4 chocolate and 2 coconut cakes tonight.
I'm feeling the effects of what I call my "kick-butt" days tonight. Thursday,Friday and Saturday are the days I'm referring to. Already feeling very tired tonight with one day to go in this series.
No help tomorrow at market won't help any either. Daughter is running in a race tomorrow morning and Hubbie is watching g-son so son can help a friend finish moving.

Thanking God tonight for the blessings and love He gives me everyday.
Good Night and God Bless

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