Friday, August 12, 2011


Got to sleep in a little while this morning as daughter is picking up g-son at his house and they are going ,well, he calls it "treasure hunting", daughter calls it estate sale shopping.
Hubbie helped me band the chickens legs this morning with their pink 2011 bands. I do this so that next spring when I start selling ,I will know how old they are by the color of their leg band.
After this was done and the chores were finished we headed up to the church to work the morning away. I spent a lot of time today washing all the little finger prints off the windows and doors. After Bible school week it usually takes a couple weeks to get things back to their normal cleanliness.
We got home at 12:30, g-son met us at the door with his treasures. He got a car set that makes the car change color with cold water,some crayons and this hat.

He presented it to Pawpaw here with a song of happy birthday to you.
Note the little cars traveling over the road on Pawpaws belly !!!!

We all ate lunch ,I made me a BLT and g-son wanted some bacon. He ate 6 pieces of bacon and some chips for his lunch.
After we ate I refilled all the bird feeders including the hummingbird feeders. I don't know how much longer these little guys will be around here but they have plenty to drink now until they move on. I saw 1 today as soon as I filled the feeder he was there to get a drink of the fresh liguid.
The temperature is staying around 85 today and the clouds are going and coming so it's not a bad day to be outside.

The estate sale we always go to is this weekend ,so when they opened today at 3 pm we made our way over there to see what they have this week.
I bought a rooster clock that is still in the box and a recipe book of kitchen gifts that looked interesting.The clock was only $5 and the book $2.

G-son of course found something he couldn't live without, an erector set that contains about a thousand small pieces.
When we got home he was into some serious construction projects with his new set.
Knowing that I had asked him to please put all the pieces back in the box before he left,as soon as he saw his mom pull up he jumped up and ran out and got in the car.I figured it would be more trouble to get him back in to pick them up than to do it myself, but I'll be ready next time!!!!

Daughter is coaching in a volleyball tournament this weekend at the local high school and is practicing her team this afternoon.
I watered all my potted plants and just as I finished it started to thunder and the dark clouds rolled in. We got our 2/10 of an inch of rain but seemed thankfully to be on the outer edge of the bad thunder storm passing through.After the rain I noticed this Moon Flower blossom opening to enjoy the refreshing drink from Heaven.I'm amazed every year when these flowers bloom at the wonderful fragrance they have. If you haven't ever smelled a Moon Flower blossom you are truly missing out on one of natures most wondrous treasures.

I am sitting out in the sunroom, not so sunny this evening, typing this blog on my laptop again tonight while waiting for the chickens to go to roost for the evening so I can shut them up.
The clouds came back around just at dark tonight but so far no more rain.
I iced 6 caramel, 4 chocolate and 2 coconut cakes tonight.
It is 11:00, I'm finished all my baking and listening to the news before bath and bed.
God is so good and gives us so much love even when we don't deserve it.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sounds like you had a pretty good day, Marilyn. Your grandson loves that hat.. What a cute picture... I remember my kids having those Erector sets. They can keep a child entertained for hours...

It is milder today --and this weather just makes me feel so much better.


Gail said...

Sounds like a wonderful day with icing on the cake...rain.

Ardith said...

Sounds like your summer is going well. I just wanted to comment on the Hummers! I'm so ready for them to leave........I have 2 feeders on the front porch and have to fill them twice a day at times. I've bought a ton of sugar this year. They are cute, but can get spendy! Have a great weekend; the best to you from Green Country.