Thursday, August 25, 2011


School started this morning here and the normal slow market day followed. Had plenty of time to catch up with some neighbors and visit with some customers today.I talked to d-in-love and she said g-son had a rough morning early but after she got his medicine in him he felt better.
As I type this I decided I needed to do something more industrious so I crocheted tops on a couple of towels to give all the spare time a purpose today !!!!
Sis-in-law came by and said my new great nephew is having some problems. He has Jaundice and because they sent him home without noticing he was dehydrated he has not been sleeping or eating well. He has the special lights for Jaundice and has to be constantly monitored under them. They are all taking turns sitting with him around the clock and giving him some extra fluids in a syringe.
After market I ran errands and picked up supplies for baking .
I haven't felt the greatest today and it finally caught up with me when I was unloading the van in the 90 degree heat of the afternoon. At least I was home. The vision fissure that always precedes a migraine started just as I carried the last of the things into the basement.
By the time I pulled the van around the house and parked and got into the house sweat was litterally dripping off my chin. I first grabbed an ice pack out of the freezer and hit the couch. As I tried to stop sweating I remembered vessels actually contract to start migraines so as Hubbie came in from work. I put a hot pack in the microwave and took 2 tylenol then went to bed in the bedroom so it would be darker.
The ice pack had intensified the vision fissure and it had spread into both eyes by then.
Surprisingly as soon as the hot pack cooled enough to lay against my eyes and head my vision cleared and I was able to see the news on TV.
I remembered one other time I had used ice then heat and got over the migraine almost immediately. Maybe I've found a cure that works for me and that would be a sure blessing. I don't get many of these and usually I can pinpoint the cause and tonight while looking up the use of alternating heat and cold I ran across the migraine triggers which I already knew. When I saw the cheese I knew immediately what caused today's migraine, cheese !!! I hadn't eaten anything but a couple packs of crackers at market today so I was hungry and a package of cheese sticks looked so good to me while shopping in Aldi. I munched on several sticks while at the bank drive thru and as I drove to Walmart. Yep , that was definitely it !!!!
Hurricane Irene is baring down on the coast of NC. As she took a westward turn and is now expected to make landfall around Morehead City ,NC then travel up the coast line remaining at hurricane strength and track right through the middle of New York City.She has battered the Bahamas and is now back out in open waters. They closed the beaches at Myrtle Beach,SC today after 7 people had to be rescued in the rip currents.The track as of tonight.
A state of emergency was issued tonight for the state of NC and a mandatory evacuation was issued.
This is highway 12 through Pea Island Preserve,the only road out of Hatteras and the other towns north on the island. I remember traveling this stretch of road many times when we went to this are on vacations for several years.Just on the other side of those grass covered dunes is the ocean and on the right side is the shallow marsh areas full of wildlife.This photo also brought back memories of the ferry over to Okracoke island which is only accessable by boat or ferry.This is a huge storm !!Updated path brings it closer .I'm sure this sign in Avon,N.C. where we once stayed reflects the wishes of anyone in the path of this storm.
I pray for all the folks in the path of Irene and pray also for this delicate,beautiful area of our state. May God spare them too much damage at the hands of mother nature's fury.
This evening has been quite for me as I still don't feel up to par and decided to put off baking until the morning. I should be fine after a good nights sleep.
Daughter did her baking tonight after she came in from her volleyball game because she is leaving for her friends bachelorette party which was moved from Myrtle Beach,SC to Fontana lake because of the hurricane.
God bless all the folks leaving the coast tonight ,keep them safe in their journey to safety. And thank God for these mountains that I live in !
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

That storm is very scary, Marilyn... I am praying for the people who live in its path... God Bless them ALL.

Sorry about your migraine. I knew that stress can cause one, but hadn't heard that cheese can cause one... I love cheese--so glad I don't have migraines.. ha

Hope you have a good day tomorrow --and feel better, both you and your sweet grandson.

Far Side of Fifty said...

It looks like Irene is going to be fun for anyone.
Migraines are horrible..glad you found a trigger and relief:)