Monday, August 1, 2011


Had a short to do list today so when daughter asked me to go over to her house with her to take the sign and lock box off the door I grabbed my camera for some before and after photos.
G-son was here while his mom and dad attended the funeral of a friend's sister.
The grass had been mowed and there has been more rain there so everything was still green. I made a bunch of pics that I will publish as we work on the inside and outside.There are so many different colors in this house it is amazing .Every inch of the house will have to be painted to cover up the nastiness.
G-son making himself at home already.
We stopped by Staples on our way home to get some of their back to school specials.
Then after lunch when #1 son and d-in-love got back ,he went to work at his shop,
and d-in-love and daughter took g-son to the Smurf movie.
He is stuffed up in his nose and I hope he isn't getting my cold.
I spent the afternoon canning tomatoes again.
I have 13 more quarts for the pantry.
I just finished in time to get ready for Bible School. G-son came by to go with me.Daughters and my class grew to 9 tonight.The music is still g-son's favorite part and he loves to dance.Here he and his friends watch the games on stage.Here our preacher and his Aunt T partner up in the balloon race.

Day 2 was a good one but I am tired tonight.
I'm not baking any cakes tonight,think I'll start anew in the morning.

God's love was the lesson for tonight and you could feel it in the lives of these kids.
May the Glory of this VBS be to God.
Good Night and God Bless.

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