Sunday, August 28, 2011


It was casual day at church this morning,of course every Sunday is pretty casual at our church.
Our preacher had made a promise if we had 175 in Sunday School he would stand on his head and sing Jesus Loves Me. Well today was the day !!! He did an impressive job .
We also had 2 youngsters Baptized and 3 more people join our church family ,Glory be to God !!
So it was a good start to a beautiful day.
Cooler air and sunshine felt good today.
We had spaghetti for lunch as only #1 son and g-son made it for lunch. #2 son is golfing,daughter isn't back from her Fontana weekend and d-in-love is working.
D-in-love's dad was sent to the hospital last night and has had a stroke, a TIA which is a warning for him. He is still having tests ran today and they are going to keep him over night again to try to keep his blood pressure down.
After lunch daughter came in and #1 son went to mow his lawn. He had a near accident as the brakes on the riding mower failed while he was opening a gate and the mower almost ran over him. It hit a post and broke the hood off and bent some stuff.
Thank you Jesus that mower didn't hit him !!
G-son and I played all afternoon while Hubbie and daughter went over to her house and mowed the grass over there. She is suppose to close Wednesday and that will be one thing that she won't have to rush in and get done.
When everyone got home and we were sitting out on the patio it got really cool. Fall is definitely on the way!
I have worked on my 3rd volume blog book this evening and am almost finished.
A relaxing Sunday at least for me .
Hurricane Irene has finally finished her destruction and moved out to sea. But not before dealing a severe blow to many thousands along the east coast. Flooding was the worst problem as 10 and 12 inches of rain were common along her path.
Vermont took a hard hit as these photos show.And the Outer Banks of NC which took a direct hit had major damages. Highway 12 which connects Hatteras and other small towns with the mainland was breached at the islands narrowest part and completely destroyed.Praying for the people in all these areas tonight as they pick up the pieces tonight.
Grateful for the grace of a forgiving God tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.

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