Wednesday, August 3, 2011

DAY 4 OF 2011 VBS

Morning Glory !!! These grow in my front yard flower bed every year. I guess some people consider them a weed around here but I think they are beautiful. They bloom in the cool morning and then close tightly into buds when the heat and sun become to much for them.
Glorious was how I feel today after a rough start to the night last night I found a trick that worked miraculously.
I had been coughing pretty bad all evening at Bible School and when I layed down it only got worse. Suddenly I remembered reading that putting Vicks Salve on the bottoms of your feet would stop you from coughing. I got up slathered both feet with the salve and layed back down. I never coughed another time and just barely can remember laying back down I went to sleep so fast. Thank you Lord, I needed a good night's sleep to maintain my fading energy level this week.
After chores this morning I refilled all the bird feeders and watered my potted plants as it doesn't look like rain anytime soon.
I did 3 loads of extra end of month laundry between icing 6 caramel cakes and cleaning floors.
Daughter baked some then went to get her hair cut. She is back and forth with her lawyer on the closing, maybe 6 tonight, maybe not.
G-son came after lunch while his dad went back to the doctor. He isn't feeling up to par either and my back started hurting again so he and I spent some quite time this afternoon on the couch.
Then it was up and off to Bible School for the 4th night.We had 10 in our class tonight with no help. Everyone is wearing out including the kids. They didn't even want to listen to the story tonight.

G-son felt better after he got into the activities with his class.
I am very tired tonight and when I got home I iced 6 more caramel,3 chocolate and 2 coconut cakes.
Daughter didn't close today, maybe tomorrow but more likely next week now.
She is really aggravated with the whole situation.
It is 11:45 and I still have to do some weekly paperwork before bedtime.
Praising God for sustaining me through this week.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, I feel so sorry for your daughter. She is trying so hard to get that home... Bless her heart.

I don't know how you keep going at the pace you go... Are you ever going to slow down a bit ---or is this just the way it is?????

I could never get home after Night VBS --and then ice 11 cakes before going to bed. YIPES...

Didn't know that about Vicks. I'll keep that in mind.