Saturday, August 13, 2011


Up early after another restless night . One of the reasons was a down pour of rain about 2 am that woke me hitting the metal roof. Guess I haven't heard that sound during the night in such a long time it woke me !! I got up and closed all the sun room windows and then had trouble getting back to sleep.
Off to market this morning with the help of only Hubbie this morning as daughter is coaching all day in the volleyball tournament.
Had a fairly busy day again which I am very grateful for. I had one large 6 cake order and a couple smaller orders but sold randomly well.
It was hot inside market early but by late morning the clouds had moved in and cooled things down quite a bit.
I didn't even have time to turn my computer on today with a constant stream of customers.
I stopped by Ingles on the way home to pick up a couple things we are out of like waffles for g-son and salad mix for Hubbie.
As I got closer to home the rain began and grew steadier as I got closer to home which was good.
Hubbie helped me unload quickly as the thunder and lightening with the hard winds was just getting here.
Inside we turned the TV radar on and watched a large area of yellow and red laced with hail and damaging winds head directly toward us. They were giving severe thunder storm warnings for our county with this storm.
Luckily we only caught the edge of the severe stuff and got another 3/10 inch of rain to add to the 1/10 we got in the hard short shower during the night.
During the rain Hubbie and I both napped with our 4-legged kids who don't like storms at all and are glad to snuggle close during them.
After the storms passed we had a summer time supper of fresh green beans,corn, okra and tomatoes.
Daughter came in from the tournament and we all rode over to her house to let her nice neighbors know what was going on.They have this beautiful cedar house across the road.

While we were there the skies cleared as the sun began its descent for the evening.

Daughter's front porch faces east so she will view the sunrise instead of the sunset.

On the drive home I took this picture of the setting sun.As darkness came so did the return of the clouds. There is a perseid meteor shower tonight but there will be no chance of us seeing this one with all the cloud cover moving back in.Last year we layed out in lawn chairs and were able to see several streaking across the sky. That's okay that we don't see meteors tonight because I'd rather see raindrops right now around here.
I'm really looking forward to this next weeks weather changes, in the 50's at night means I can open the windows and breath in that fresh cool mountain air that I love and let the tree frogs and crickets sing me to sleep.Could fall be around the corner? After all we had a early summer !! Wouldn't that be a welcome relief !!

We spent the evening relaxing .
Hope my afternoon napping doesn't ruin my sleep tonight.
God is good all the time. Looking forward to worshiping Him tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Another fantastic day! With rain!!!

Have I missed pictues of your daughter's house? I guess all is working out, paper wise.

Sunrooms Northern Ireland said...

What a beautiful place to stay. The sunrise and sunset are both at your doorstep. One can have a chance to appreciate the beauty of nature.