Sunday, August 21, 2011


During church service this morning we took time to honor and pray especially for the students and staff that are heading back to school this coming week.
Each year I think our church has more teachers and school staff than the one before. Our school superintendent is also a member of our church. Hubbie and daughter are in this group.
After church we grilled pork chops to go with fresh corn,potatoes,okra,baked acorn squash and slaw for lunch. Daughter ,#1 son and g-son were our only guest today. #2 son is playing golf and d-in-love is working.
After lunch we watched a thunder storm pass us by then decided to go looking for boots at a discount shoe place in Asheville.
#1 son and g-son went home and daughter went with us.
I got a lesson in waterproof footwear today and wound up buying men's hiking boots instead of womens. The best waterproofing method which according to the guy that worked there is the one the military use (which would make sense!) and it is beginning to be commercialized in hiking boots,but at this time only men's varieties. It is called Ion mask, this is baked onto the outside of the shoes and never breaks down. The only way to get wet feet according to him with these shoes on is to punch a hole in them.
The brand I bought is Hi-TEC.
I also discovered that men's boots are significantly cheaper than women's !!!
Tomorrow morning I'll give them the test !!! Stayed tuned !!!

Daughter went back to her pet sitting job and Hubbie and I went by the farmers market on the way home. We got 1/2 bushel of white peaches, 2 cantelopes and a watermelon.
The peaches are really good and we ate one of the cantelopes for supper and it was okay,but nothing special. Can't wait to taste the watermelon,they said it was grown in Virginia.
#2 son came up for supper of left overs and brought Flash for a play date with Annie.
Those 2 played and .......
Played .......until

Their tongs almost touched the ground!!

Flash heads home with #2 son.
I picking some grapes from our vines this evening. Our grapes didn't do great this year and the thirsty bees have done a number on them as they ripened.
This one old vine that we moved here with us from our first home is showing it's age with very low numbers of grapes but boy do they taste better than the newer varieties.I wouldn't even want to venture a guess as to what variety this is.

There were clouds floating all around all evening but we didn't get in on any of the rain today.
A ridiculous protest in Asheville today turned into a photo shoot for some trill seekers.
A group of women decided to protest a law that" isn't" today. By baring their breast in public they wanted equal rights to go topless in public like men can. In North Carolina the law says if women desire to go topless there is no law against it. So excuse me but why are you protesting a law that doesn't exist ?????
Very few women showed up to participate in the baring your breast protest ,a few men got into the action by wearing bathing suit tops. ??????????
They did attract a huge crowd of picture takers who were not there to support their cause but rather to take pictures of all the bare "bubbies" as one sign said.
I tend to agree with the one lady interviewed on the news tonight who said it was an embarassment to all women.

Bernie and Dolly got haircuts and baths tonight before Hubbie and I crashed. We are both tired tonight from the last week and g-son will be here before 7 in the morning.
Thanking God tonight for His mercy and grace each and every day as I strive to be a better servant to Him.
Good Night and God bless.


Julie Harward said...

Hi, thanks for your visit. Sounds like a productive and good day...good luck the the kids and school. Cool boots, look like good ones. People are getting even more crazy everyday I think! ;D

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Good Gosh---People will do anything to get attention, won't they? Those women just wanted to show off their boobs... How stupid is that!!!

Glad you found some boots that should work... I need some new hiking boots.. Next time, I'll look at men's...

Our schools started here a couple of weeks ago.. They are getting a head start on all of the possible winter snow days!!!

Have a great day tomorrow.

Gail said...

With protests like this, you know people just don't have much to do.