Thursday, August 4, 2011


Market day was pretty busy today. Had my last big camp order for the summer season.
A bit of excitement in the building today as a robbery occurred but was stopped by a neighbor after he saw a young man reach across one of the older ladies tables and grab money from a box she had it in. He caught him just as he reached the door and made him give it back. The young man ran and the police were called to file a report in case he comes back.
After market I ran regular errands and headed home to help daughter work on a photo collage for VBS.
Tonight was the last night of class for Bible School this year and it went well. We had our regular 10 kids . G-son didn't feel like going tonight so he stayed home with Pawpaw until his dad came home.

I'm behind on things around here as well as keeping up with reading blogs but I will catch up.
A little late is my "view from here" photo at the first of August.
As you can see things are drier now than they were and the hazy days of summer are here. Haven't had much time lately to sit out here and enjoy the view.
Here are some sad garden pictures this month.
My cucumber vines are slowly wilting away ,they have been producing so well I hate to see them go.
Browning bean vines mean the end of fresh green beans for us until some late beans we planted come in,that is if they don't dry up as well.

On the brighter side of the farm the little red ornery hen hatched 5 chicks this past weekend.
She is a very protective mother as I knew she would be.

It is very hot tonight,80 very humid degrees at 11:00 with storms in the distance but nothing sounds close.
One more day of this weeks crazy schedule,then getting ready for next weeks crazy schedule as daughter is set again to close on her house Tuesday.
Hope to feel better tomorrow as I'm slowly getting rid of this cold and stuffy nose I've had and I really need to catch up on some things tomorrow.

God is always good and always loving of all His children.
Good Night and God Bless.

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