Saturday, August 20, 2011


Whew !!! I knew the cool weather couldn't last ,after all it's August !!Sweating during chores and having to towel my face off before putting make-up on,reminders of July's exceptionally hot spell.
Market was fairly busy today so I handled it by myself so Hubbie could get feed at Tractor Supply and get home to meet g-son so his dad can help his friend finish moving his kids outside swingset and things to his new house.

#1 son is doing so well with his leg after this last surgery. He still wears a brace all the time and uses 1 crutch some of the time but in another 2 weeks will be totally released from the crutch.
He may need some physical therapy on the knee before he can go totally without the brace,as his knee is week.
Had some computer time today between customers,I really should be working but oh well.
My table was looking pretty sparse as closing time drew near.
After loading the van in the heat I debated on stopping at Mast General to look for hiking boots or not.
I decided to drive down main street and if I found a parking spot close I would stop, if not I'd go on home.
I did find a parking spot just across the street and went in but didn't find boots I really liked. They had a low top waterproof that felt really good but I'd rather have high top for the ankle support.
I'll keep looking !
At home Hubbie helped me unload while g-son stayed upstairs and watched TV.
It wasn't long until #1 son came by to pick him up to go to a friends house to play.
As soon as they left the skies opened up and rain poured down for quite awhile. There was some thunder and lightening but none got too close, thankfully.
We discovered one of our gutters was clogged and water was pouring over.
When the rain stopped I checked the gauge and we got 1" . Hubbie got the ladder and unstopped the gutter but I think we're done with rain for today as the sun is trying to come back out.
After evening chores Hubbie and I met daughter over at Park Ridge Hospital to see our new great nephew. We had a nice long visit with them, mom and baby are doing great.
They get to go home tomorrow.
On the way home we stopped at Wallyworld for some dog food and a few things for lunch tomorrow.
It is lightening in the distance tonight but most of the storms are in South Carolina tonight.
We have the first named storm of the hurricane season predicted to hit the US next weekend.
Irene's track as of tonight.Look out Florida !!! If this track holds up.

Looking forward to Sunday church service ,God is an awesome God.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

Rain and a new baby...what a perfect week.