Tuesday, August 23, 2011


#1 son brought g-son in and put him in bed with me around 7 am. I turned the TV on for him and dozed for another hour.
We got up,I fixed him 2 waffles and chocolate milk for breakfast then went outside to do the chores while he ate.
I had my breakfast then we headed out on a walk.
A beautiful cool sunny morning for some exploring.

Some airplane watching.....

It didn't take long for his little legs to get tired so I got one of our creek chairs out of the tree where we keep them and he sat in it and sang for me as I finished my walk.
He is a sweet little boy and as we walked back to the house he looked up at me and told me out of the blue that he loved me bunches.
Just made my busy day a lot easier !!!

As he settled in front of Sesame Street I started a load of laundry and then iced 6 caramel cakes.
I cleaned bathrooms, washed mirrors and windows, and dusted between 5 loads of laundry. All with g-son either climbing the ladder beside me or kissing the inside of the bay window while I washed the outside so that I had to come in and wash the inside.
After the work was done we "camped" in his campsite in his playroom until mom picked him up at about 3:00.
I sat outside for a little while and soaked up some vitamin D until Hubbie got home from work.
We watched the news tonight and learned of an earthquake that shook our area this afternoon.
Many people around my area felt it,daughter felt it, I didn't but with my activities and g-son jumping around simulates earthquakes every day around here.
Buildings are not designed on this side of the country for earthquakes as they are on the west coast. But so far there are no reports of major damage only a few injuries.
After supper I watered some potted plants that were looking thirsty already after our rain this past weekend. I looked through the garden to see if there was anything to pick and found some cucumbers and the vines are blooming again.
We are still getting quite a few tomatoes and beans and the squash are starting to bloom again. The late greens Hubbie planted last week are already coming up. Hopefully we will continue to get rain.
These guys were peeking out at me wondering if I was coming to give them a snack before bedtime .I love my Silkies !!!

As I looked around the yard this evening I saw these Beauty Berries already showing there beautiful purple berries. This is very early for these to be out ,I think they are confused like so many other plants and trees this year.On the bright side I will have more time to enjoy the color of these berries.

Daughter came in from coaching her volleyball team to a victory and started her baking.
I got in the kitchen about 10:00 and iced 6 more caramel cakes.
God has blessed me with a generous hand and I am grateful each day for His love.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

We didn't have any of the quake here ---but someone said that a few people felt it in Blount County (not far from Knoxville).... I did watch it on the TV for awhile yesterday..

Your grandson is such a cutie... I know that you love him bunches also.