Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Up and ready to face a new day this morning,I didn't have any trouble sleeping last night.
After chores and breakfast I went on my walk.
The dew was so heavy this morning that I felt like I had been wading in the creek .
The spider webs in the grass glistened with the dew on them. If you click on this pic you can see Mr. Spider sitting down in the hole of his well designed home.
As I got close to the creek a Great Blue Heron flew up out of the water as Annie beat me there and spooked him.
The sun sparkling off the water makes it look like drops of water are actually jumping up.
Crystal clear water is another sign of the coolness of fall weather just around the corner.

Our farm is near a small airport and planes frequently fly over taking off or getting ready to land. This fellow was circling getting ready to land this morning.
I walked for almost an hour today just enjoying the sweet coolness of the morning.
When I came to the house and took my soaking wet shoes and socks off I decided it was time for a shopping trip to find some waterproof hiking shoes.
Definitely time for new shoes !!

I iced my last 6 caramel cakes this morning before daughter got here to do her baking.
After lunch with her baking done and back to her dog sitting job I had the house all to myself to clean the floors without having to mop around someone.
I swept all the spider webs down around the outside of the house,this is another early sign of fall. Spider webs are everywhere all of a sudden.
Bernie and Dolly had appointments with the vet this afternoon to have heartworm test and get shot boosters.
They hate the vet's office and can tell as soon as we get out of the van where we are. Thankfully we didn't have to wait long,I think they would have shook themselves to pieces !!
Dolly is a drama queen and squealed with the blood draw but Bernie was a trooper and took it like a man.
The vet is a good shot giver and neither of them even knew they had gotten a shot.
With their test ,shots and refills of heartworm meds my bill was over $200 !! No wonder so many pets don't get vet care.
They are both soundly sleeping already tonight from the trama of the visit.

As Hubbie and I relaxed outside enjoying the evening this little guy came down the tree next to the patio and then stopped as if to say "uh oh" where did you guys come from ?
After chores I did weekly paperwork and payed bills before icing my chocolate and coconut cakes.
The end of another nice day in a string of lower 80 degree days with upper 50 degree nights has got me hoping fall is going to be early this year. We are supposed to get a little rain tomorrow but we'll see.
Hurricane season is in full bloom and the tropics are beginning to get very active. One they are watching starting to strengthen and head our way looks like it has the potential and direction to make it to the east coast maybe by next weekend.
The news is almost over and I'm heading for bed.
Thanking God for the strength He gives me everyday.
Good Night and God bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

We have lots and lots of ground spider webs too, Marilyn... Sounds like it will be a harsh winter...

How many fogs have you had in August? That is supposed to tell us how many snows we will get...

Have a great day tomorrow.