Thursday, January 30, 2014


G-son arrived at about 7:30 this morning and after I got him settled in with his breakfast I laid back down in the warm bed  since it was 1* degree, yeah that's a lot lower than they predicted.  He couldn't stand being the only one awake so I shortly gave up the idea I might get another snooze.
Another morning of carrying fresh water and beating on ice filled water troughs until my head hurts.
You cannot believe how much I am looking forward to the next week.
I'm sure all the animals are in agreement that their lives will be much easier in the above freezing temps.
With g-son here today I did a little cleaning in my office but did things with him most of the day as he was bored.  After lunch we made a trip to the bank and Aldi. He likes to go with me to Aldi because I put him in charge of the buggy.  He is really a help now at carrying things.
We got back home with plenty of time for him to play some games on my laptop while he waited for his pawpaw to get home so they could walk down to the frozen pond again.
I made another attempt at work in my office and got some things re-located before chore time rolled around.
The air is turning colder quickly this evening with another low teen's night predicted.
My throat is scratchy and I feel dragged out this evening so it was a couch potato night for me and my 4-legged kids.
I have been vigilantly downing my "Air-Borne" all day to hopefully fend off any sickness that might be trying to sneak up on me.
There is still plenty of snow hanging around after a sunny but cold day with temps barely breaking 32 degrees.

 Schools are opening on a 2-hour delay tomorrow because all the roads will re-freeze tonight from the melting of the day.
Thanking God for the blessings of this day and for keeping all my family safe on the roads during this snow.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Even though it was about 6 degrees here early this morning, our schools went back today (on a 2 hour delay)... Most of the snow we got has melted...And since it was so dry, we never did get any ice...

Stay WARM.

linda m said...

Your grandson has sure been having his fair share of snow days. Here in WI they have already had four just this month. Due more to the frigid temps than snow. Sure hope Spring isn't too far behind. Have a great weekend and keep warm and safe. Blessings