Saturday, January 18, 2014


19 degrees again this morning as I did chores. The animals will have to drink fast today because the temps aren't going to warm up that much.
By the time I got ready for market and went out to get in the van the wind had started blowing and it was colder than earlier.
Market was dead today with the cold temps. I am thankful for the couple orders I had and the few things I did sell.
It is 1:00 now and I am sitting here typing this with very cold hands with my coat spread across my legs for warmth even with the two layers of pants and three layers of tops I have on today.  The gas heaters in here are all up against the ceiling and that's where most of the heat stays.
I will be glad to get home today and in our house in front of the wood burning stove.
Early this morning there was a couple homeless men in here wandering around. I'm sure they were just looking for a place to get warm in and I could have pitied them a little more if they hadn't reeked of alcohol ! As they left the building we watched them roam the parking lot looking into the parked cars,hopefully they were all locked. A little later one of the customers that had walked up town came back through and said the police were out with the same two men so they have a warm place to spend tonight for sure !!!
Came straight home from market today, to cold to do any shopping and there is nothing I need. Hubbie stopped at Walmart for dog food on his way home this morning so we are good.
After unloading the van and having a snack I snuggled with my 4-legged kids on the couch for a much needed rest.
Hubbie was putting a new bar on his chainsaw up at his shop, when he came in around 4:00 he said it felt like the temperature had suddenly dropped 10 degrees out there.
We watched part of the Wake Forest/Clemson basketball game before it was time to wrap up and head back outside for evening feeding time. I broke ice again and put out more water that I'm sure will be frozen in just a few minutes in the 30 degree temps.
Below freezing temperatures create much more work on a farm with animals.
Back inside I watched the news and listened to the predictions of snow later tonight and early tomorrow. Seems they have been predicting snow almost everyday and so far it has missed us, guess we'll see what morning brings this time.
In this 7-day forecast it definitely looks and is going to feel like winter !!!
Guess we had better enjoy tomorrow and Monday !!
Speaking of winter these are pictures from January 1994 and it looks like we definitely had some winter weather that year.
Our winter stock of hay rolls took up alot of our yard.
It was a big job to keep all our cattle fed back then.
My 1991 Aerostar van.
Snow covered trees.

Hubbie and I spent the evening relaxing and enjoying Saturday night music shows on TV.
The clouds have rolled in holding the temperature up to 28 at 10:30 tonight with no snow yet but it feels snowy out there.
Grateful for the blessings of today and looking forward to worshiping with my church family tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Stay warm. We are expecting another cold spell to hit us again.. I will be so glad when this very cold and snowy winter is over. Blessings