Wednesday, January 29, 2014


The chilly air felt more like snow was on the horizon this morning. The temperature on the way to school was a balmy 23 but that was higher than the predicted low of 15.
After dropping g-son I made a "milk and waffles" run to Walmart on the way home.
I finished chores with still a cloudy cool day on tap.  As I finished my breakfast #1 son called to ask if I had heard if they were going to let school out early?  I could see outside and there was nothing falling here but he said the roads were getting white at his work place across town.
About 30 minutes later I got a text that schools would be closing at 11am. 
I gathered laundry and read my Bible while I waited to go get g-son. As I left for school it started flurrying lightly. This storm named Leon was supposed to skirt us to the south but now it looks like we might be in the bull's eye !!

By the time I picked him up and got home the snow put a veil on the mountains and was
 starting to stick some on the bridges and shady spots on the roads.

This was our back yard at about noon.
We had lunch and watched the news.  This school bus was from the high school daughter works at. Luckily no one was seriously injured when it slid off the road and flipped on it's side over on Hooper's Creek road.
I did laundry between watching all the excitement down on the road of folks sliding all around.
Hubbie came in early from work and g-son was suited up and ready to go out in the first snow fall of this amount in a couple years to play.
This was our backyard at around 2pm.
G-son loves the snow.

This is the first snow we have had since his aunt T moved out and he had no one to play or sled with but Pawpaw.
They looked like they had a fun time !!!

The snow was really coming down this afternoon.
His mom made it home from work in Asheville okay thankfully and his dad was at work keeping the roads as clear as he could with the fast falling snow. This is a pic of him as he scrapes our road.
Both my boys are always out in the snow with their jobs. This is what #2 son was doing today and he said it was very slippery in these little mail trucks.
I had refilled all the feeders this morning and was rewarded with some awesome pics of my feathered friends this afternoon.
This White Throat Sparrow was all puffed up against the cold snow.
Mrs. Cardinal gave me a great pose.
Mr. Eastern Towhee had dinner at the feeder.
As I went out to do the evening chores I snapped this picture of the now 2" deep snow.
As I looked down at the road it doesn't look any better and now with the colder air of the evening and tonight's low near single digits it isn't going to get any better.  Be careful out there !!!
I love the quietness of a snowfall, it's as if God throws a blanket over the world to calm things down. I walked down to the mail box tonight just as darkness fell to enjoy the feeling.
Talked to daughter after she got home today about 12:30 and to #1 and #2 sons after they safely got home tonight.  With everyone safely off the roads I can relax and enjoy a quiet evening.
God is a mighty God who gently loves each one of us, I am prayerfully grateful for the safety of all my family and friends today.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

I am so thankful everyone in your family made it home safely. G-son looked like he was having a blast playing in the snow. Oh to be that young and actually enjoy snow again. Blessings

Betsy Adams said...

Glad you finally got some snow. I know your grandson loved it. Glad also that your kids all made it home from work.

My son was lucky (Chattanooga).. He left early --and if he had have waited an hour or more, he would have been stuck on an interstate for hours... I've read some horror stories on blogs and Facebook today...

We had 2 inches --but it was a dry dry snow... AND--it was VERY cold here. Got down to MINUS 6 last night here. I'm so ready for some milder weather.


Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Your grandson obviously loved playing in the snow. It's beautiful when you get to play but when you have to work in it then it's a different story.
Stay warm and safe!