Monday, January 13, 2014


Hubbie got up with g-son when he arrived at about 7:20 this morning.D-in-love brought him today as son got called into work because of some ice patches on some roads.
I got to snuggled under the warm covers a little longer while hubbie took g-son to school.
After chores and breakfast we went on our third mattress buying trip. I was determined to pick one today !   We did, it was a hybrid variety with inner springs underneath memory foam. The Serta Trump series is what we settled on, it was cheaper than the I-comfort and we have 120 days to upgrade if we don't like this one. It will be here next Thursday.
We came back home and hubbie left to go do his "daddy dos" over at daughter's house. She recycles and her garage was getting overrun so he took them to the recycle center and cut up a large limb that had fallen off an old apple tree in her yard plus he re-staked some of her Murray Cypress trees that keep blowing over.
While he was gone I worked on some more deep cleaning in the kitchen. I took all my bottle and jar collection down off its shelf and washed them. They were dusty and it is amazing how they sparkle after being washed.
I took a break from climbing up and down the small ladder I have and took a nice walk out in the 51 degree temperature of the cloudy afternoon.
They have been doing more clearing down on the road for the new bridge.
It sure looks different down there just after a few days of work.
After picking up g-son from school and getting him settled with his mac and cheese I went back to my cleaning. I took all the pictures off the dining room wall and washed them as well as cleaning the wall behind them.
As I washed the two old flying duck pictures I thought of how many years these two pics hung in my mom's kitchen over her old refrigerator. They are signed by Paul Wood.He was an artist who lived from 1897-1964. This "arriving and departing" pair of paintings are believed to have been done around 1930. They aren't worth much but are a treasure of memories for me.
This apple sculpture was done by a passing acquaintance of mine when we sold at the same craft fair years ago. Her mane was Maria, she was a Mennonite lady and this art of scissor cutting is called "scherenschnitte".
This last picture has a special place in my heart as it was a Christmas gift from my young children many years ago.
Sorry about the flash spot !

After #1 son came after g-son I went out to do the evening chores. Annie is always my constant companion. She patiently waits outside the chicken lot gate for me.
Luckily she isn't a chicken chaser and when I forget to shut the gate she just walks around among the hens sniffing to see what they are eating.
The air feels colder than the upper 40's temperature and it has that silent, heavy feeling as if snow is coming. They are predicting rain with with a 36 degree low tonight,hmmmm ????
I am going for an early bedtime tonight for some reason I am sleepier than usual tonight.
Grateful for God' s love and striving to glorify Him in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

You have a houseful of memories, don't you? That's neat...

Rained here ALL DAY long... It wasn't cold --but felt cold... We may get some snow tomorrow night/Wednesday..

I'm a little shaken tonight. We had a near-miss-head-on car accident this afternoon when a car was coming straight toward us in OUR lane. We swerved and went into the ditch. Luckily, we are fine and no damage to the car --other than being dirty. BUT--we were just lucky that the ditch wasn't steep…. SCARY!

I'm gonna send you an email.

linda m said...

What lovely memories you have with those pictures. Yesterday our temps hit about 40 so a lot of snow melted. I even got to go for a walk around the block. Today we are expecting a winter storm with 2-4 inches of snow. Looking forward to Spring. Blessings.