Thursday, January 2, 2014


Although #1 son is taking g-son to school this morning as he is taking the day off to work on his water pump I got up at the regular early time to get all my chores done before the rain begins and before little Evy gets here. Her mom and dad have a meeting with a loan officer about a farm land loan they have applied for.
Evy was in a good mood and ate her breakfast while watching #1 son make calls to check prices on pump supplies.  She is such a great eater and has her mouth open before you can get the next spoonful ready !
#1 son had me call my cousin's husband who does all our plumbing. He gave him a really good price to pull the well pump out and repair the line which he said has a hole in it somewhere. He is coming after lunch to get the job done.
When Rebekah came after Evy she was bummed out after getting a preliminary denial of the loan.
After we talked she went home.
I did more un-decorating today getting almost everything in the plastic storage containers. The rain has been light all day but the temperature has stayed in the low 40's making for a raw day. Glad its not me working on pulling a well pump from a 175 foot well today !!!
I stopped my work in time to pick g-son up from school as other g-ma is still feeling under the weather.
I stopped at #1 son's and talked to the plumber for a little while as I passed back by with g-son.
After I got g-son settled with his mac and cheese and chocolate milk I got an excited call from Rebekah.  The loan officer re-submitted their loan and it got instant approval so they will become our permanent neighbors !!  Yea !!!
I am so happy for these two as they are such hard workers and such faithful Christian servants.
Wow what a way to start the new year  !!!!
As I did chores this evening the wind started to blow and the air definitely changed from cool to cold.
The hens needed no coaxing to get them in their nice warm houses this evening.
After a light supper I caught up my last blog book reading so now I am caught up through  yesterday with the last 4 years.
The wind is howling out there tonight at 10:00 and it is 28 degrees. There is snowing flying in the higher elevations but so far no flakes for us.

We are just hoping our power stays on with all this wind plus tomorrow's high temp is predicted to be 28 degrees.
UPDATE AT 11:00.......   Snow has been flying here for sure as the ground is white already.

Thanking God tonight for the wonderful news for Aaron and Rebekah and for #1 son's well problems solved. Praying that all goes well for #2 son as he is closing on his new house tomorrow morning and then moving in.  2014 is shaping up to be a greatly blessed year already for our family and I am so very grateful.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Be prepared... It will get there.. We have snow (not too much --but blowing sideways, with all of this wind)... AND our temp right now is 16 here right now (10:20)--and they said that the wind chill here is ZERO.... Gads!!!!

Good Luck tomorrow!!!

linda m said...

So happy to hear Aaron and Rebekah got their loan and praying everything goes well for #2 son at his closing. Keep warm and safe - this is one dangerous storm. It started out at -8 when I sent hubby off to work. It is now down to -9 and the wind chill is about -20. Sure wish I didn't have to run errands today. Blessings