Thursday, January 23, 2014


On the way to school this morning I noticed the workers were here to continue work on the new bridge down on the road. This is the first day this week they have been here. I figured it was too cold for all their machinery to start but today is colder than yesterday so maybe they were waiting on supplies. Trucks were already unloading large sheets of steel when I got home. I drove up to the local Post Office after I dropped g-son off as I don't have any errands that take me near the downtown PO today.
Back home I hurriedly ate breakfast and got the chores done a bit early even in the 12 degree weather.
They are supposed to be here at 9:30 with our new mattress. Hubbie came by to help get things cleared out of the way.  They were a bit early but we were ready. They pick up your old mattress free of charge also so that makes things easier.
After much scutinizing this is the one we decided to try. It is a Serta I- Series Trump line mattress. A hybrid mattress with both inner springs and memory foam on top.
These are the layers that are supposed to make this a better quality mattress. We have 120 days to see if they work !!
Most of the reviews are not very good but I think that's true with anything because most people if they are happy with the product don't bother with a review, it is only the folks who aren't happy that take the time to write a review.
I will definitely be letting you know what I think in the coming weeks. I will say it is a very different feel than any other mattress I have ever laid on. Maybe that's a good thing, maybe not !!
After they left I made sure my deep pocket regular king size sheets would fit, they did so I don't have to go searching for California king size sheets today.
I went into town to get my farm tax listing form turned in. The courthouse is a hassle to do any business in as everyone must go through the metal detector. As the guy x-rayed my purse he said "you have a little bit of everything in there don't you?"  I said all but guns and knives, then , I thought uh-oh there is a knife in there !!!    Evidently he didn't see the knife  and I was cleared to proceed to the tax assessors office. I wish they would make these forms simple so I could mail them in.
I stopped at Aldi and Ingles for groceries and felt the outside air getting colder already before noon.
I went by my church to take in my recipes for our cookbook.
I ate lunch and worked my crossword that I didn't have time for this morning.
Rebekah called and brought Evy over while she went to a meeting at her work.  Evy slept the time her mom was gone away.  She didn't cry but just chattered herself to sleep this time.
She was still sleeping when mom came home so we visited until she woke up. She was in such a great mood when she woke. 
Went out and gave all the animals some un-frozen water and extra feed to get ready for the really cold night ahead. It is supposed to get to 3 degrees tonight along with a 15-20mph wind for chill factors down to minus 20 degrees.
Tomorrow is another day below freezing then a little warmer for the weekend before another plunge next week.
While we ate supper tonight I told hubbie I bet we don't have the insect problems this next summer that we have had for the past couple years.  The past two mild winters have lulled things into spending the winter in our area that can't survive single digit temps.
It is 14 degrees tonight at 10:30 and it usually drops 10 degrees so the predicted low will be correct if not a little high !!
Praying tonight for all the animals outside and the people that can't find shelter in a warm place tonight. May their love for the Heavenly Father keep them warm.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

I will be anxious to hear how you like your new mattress. Hubby and I bought a new one a year ago and so far like it. We bought ours at place called Verlo Mattress. They actually build one to your specs. Sure hope yours works out for you. Have a great weekend and may God bless you and keep you safe in all this cold weather.

Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

I bet you'll sleep well tonight on your new mattress. Hubby and I bought a new mattress just about a year ago. It's made a world of difference in sleeping.

Keep warm!

Betsy Adams said...

Good Luck with the new mattress. I don't like a really firm mattress so not sure what we'll get the next time we buy one. A really firm one makes my back hurt, since we sleep on them sometimes at the Holiday Inn Expresses we visit...

YES---hopefully the insect problems in summer won't be as bad this year.. That's one good thing to come out of this frigid weather... ha..

We had a low of about Minus 6 on our deck this morning --but it got up to the low 20's during the day. Tomorrow some more snow is on the way (not much I don't think). The next huge cold front will be on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday.. Maybe that will be the last one for awhile...

Have a great weekend.. Bet your hair is pretty.

Roberta Fox said...

So, what’s your verdict? Did it prove to be a quality mattress like it said? You mentioned a lot of negative reviews about the product, so it piqued my interest. I hope they’re wrong; but the fact that these people took the time to write on these reviews like that tells something. -- Roberta at Glendale Mattress Central