Monday, January 27, 2014


Started the day with g-son arriving at 7am. Hubbie got up to fix him breakfast. I stretched and was watching the morning news on the bedroom TV when my phone rang. It was Rebekah standing at the locked back door. Ooops, guess the news wasn't interesting enough to keep me from dozing !!!
Evy was staying with me this morning to give her mom a chance to sleep some after working all night.
After hubbie got back from taking g-son to school he played with her while I got dressed and did the outside chores. A nice above freezing temperature this morning made feeding chores quicker.
Evy loves to bounce in this little seat that hangs over the door jamb.
After jumping around for a little while she had her morning bottle and then reluctantly took a nap.
While she slept hubbie checked out my speedometer problems but found out he couldn't change the cable because it will zero the mileage. It has to be repaired by a licensed shop and they put a sticker on the door with the mileage at the time of repair.  He shook the cable to make sure it wouldn't completely fall off.
I had another cup of coffee and worked my morning crossword puzzle then picked up the toys g-son had left all over the living room yesterday and this morning.
Evy is a joy when she wakes up, after sleeping for about 1 1/2 hours she was in a great mood.
after a little snack of some puffs her mom left for her she was back to playing.
She loves to ride this little tractor. She hasn't mastered going forward but laughs so hard when she kicks off and it goes shooting backwards !!
The tongue action always  helps !!!!
Yeah !!!!   I asked her to say "cheese"  !!!!
Fun, fun, fun  what a sweetie !  As you can see in the background it did no good to pick up these blocks, seems both the kids like them dumped out of their tub so they can turn it upside down !
After lunch her mom came after her as she was just about ready for her afternoon nap.
When she left I headed outside in this wonderful sunny 56 degree afternoon. Hubbie was moving some boards to make space for another wood stack when he ran across 15 of these leather like eggs.
These little Black snakes must have gotten killed back in the really cold spell in October before they hatched.
They looked like they were almost ready to hatch. Black snakes usually lay their eggs in August and it takes 72 days for them to hatch.  I had never seen snake eggs before and I guess it wouldn't hurt me to go the rest of my life without seeing any more !!!!!!!!!!!!!
All the animals were really enjoying today's warm sunshine and temps as if they knew it is going to be short lived and tomorrow will be a different story.
After I picked g-son up today we came home to mac and cheese and some playtime. He got his report card today and it was a good one, much improved over last time.
He is such a smart boy and is getting so big !!! And oh by the way my speedometer worked fine this afternoon???
His dad worked on his truck awhile so g-son and I got some extra "us" time today.
It was back to fires in both wood stoves tonight with a predicted 18 tonight and 28 for the high tomorrow with a chance of snow later in the day.
Grateful to God for the blessings of the day and for a warm place to lay my head tonight as I pray for the ones who don't have a warm place to sleep.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Evy is a precious little doll. The tongue action is priceless. I too am thanking God for a warm house to sleep in. We are bitter cold - 15 this morning and who knows what the wind chill is. Schools closed again because of the cold. Asking God for some relief from this cold. Blessings

Betsy Adams said...

Little Evi is ADORABLE... So glad that you are available to help Rebekah...

We have snow today (mostly blowing around since it's so dry) --and the temperatures are very low. Was about 6 degrees this morning and hasn't gone up much --with a wicked wind chill. Not a day to get out much!!!!

Stay warm.