Sunday, January 12, 2014


A nice warm un-January feeling morning today. Now the weather has took a swing for the above normal as most of the eastern U.S. , including us is about 12-15 degrees above normal !
We will definitely take the nice break from below normal !!
Church was nice today as we started a new chapter of study, the book of Jude.  Jude was the younger half brother of Jesus and was a great messenger for God's work.
Everyone made it for a lunch of chicken and rice with green beans, corn and biscuits.
Evy refused to take her nap today here so she played until Aaron and Rebekah took her home so she could sleep.
I took a walk around the farm this afternoon dodging the mud puddles that are still everywhere.
Sadly our winter garden was done in by last weeks sub-zero temps.
The Kale is flat and  a sad shade of light brown.
So are the collards.
I don't know if covering them would have helped or not but they haven't done very well this year anyway with the up and down weather so I will start pulling them up and at least the chickens can get some good from them before they totally loose all their green goodness.
After chores I went through my photos in search of January decade pics. 
This is my mother's war ration stamp book. This was the fourth book issued at the end of 1943. They printed book five but never issued them.  Looks like my mom had plenty stamps left over.

I have a couple of my aunts and an uncles books all having stamps left over in them.
Wonder what our world would be like today if we were issued stamps to buy certain foods with ??
Tonight was a relaxing evening for Hubbie and I with the temperature steadily dropping to 33 at 10:30.
We didn't build a fire in the downstairs wood stove last night but tonight it will be fired up again.
Hubbie's brother had a chimney fire last week that put a scare into all of us. Marty's stove is in the middle of his basement and has a cement bloc chimney running up through the middle of his house. It was a really scary situation because the creosote that had collected in an elbow was burning and the fireman couldn't get to it to put it out. Thankfully they got to it from the attic and didn't have to chop a huge hole in his roof.
At least our chimney is on the outside of our house.
Tonight I am thankful that Marty didn't loose his house and I am still praying for the family of Wesley Medlin who passed away yesterday.
Grateful for the undeserved blessings God sends my way each and every day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Sorry to hear your garden didn't do well in all the cold weather. The "war ration" books are very interesting. My parents always talked about them. Blessings