Friday, January 31, 2014


This last day of January started early with the arrival of g-son. He didn't want to go back to school today after playing until almost 10am,he almost cried but thankfully we avoided any drama and he went on his way without further protest after a promised stop at the local Dollar General after school.
These 2-hour delay days make the morning verrrrrryyyyy  long !!!
I baked cakes this morning, 6 caramel, 2 chocolate and 3 pound cakes along with a couple acorn squash and 3 sweet potatoes for mine and hubbie's dinner  vegetables  for several days.
After lunch I did some housecleaning and changed the furniture covers in the living room. I have neglected my regular housework this week with all the extra activities. I put housecleaning at the bottom of my "to do" list so it is easily pushed aside when family fun times come around.
I picked up g-son this afternoon as other g-ma was busy.  After that promised stop at Dollar General we came by home to have a snack before the ballgame.
I had to get the driver of a big crane truck to move and unblock the driveway on the way out to pick up g-son and  when we got back home I decided to wait until they finished what they were doing because they didn't have any flaggers to stop traffic and were creating a very dangerous situation on the curvy road.  I say a prayer each day that their negligence doesn't cause a bad traffic accident and hurt someone.
Rebekah and Evy walked by while I was outside watching the crane unload huge generators from the trucks.
Finally they got two of their men to flag traffic so g-son and I headed out to the school to watch daughter's basketball game.  They were hosting Franklin tonight.
Here she is with her team surrounding her listening for instructions.
Franklin had a very good team with some really big girls so daughter's team was having a hard time but they were playing hard.  This is daughter talking to them during a called time-out.

She has done a wonderful job with these girls and they are so improved from the beginning of the year they are fun to watch.  Daughter is a very calm. medium voiced coach and the girls act like they really enjoy playing for her.
During tonight's game they had a "pink out" in honor of one of the varsity girl's mother who had surgery yesterday for breast cancer.  I was proud to see all the men who were there with pink t-shirts on. Way to go guys !!!
G-son and I left after her game, which they lost, to come home in time to do the outside chores before dark.
His dad was up at his shop working on his truck and came by to pick him up.
I did the chores and had a salad while watching the news then spent the rest of the evening icing cakes and washing eggs. I have a couple orders for tomorrow and with the forecast of almost 60 degrees and sunny I hope to have a decent sales day.
January is going out calmly after being a very cold month with  some record breaking lows on a couple occasions. The two inch snow we had on the 28th was the most snow we've had in a couple years and the very cold weather that came with the snow made it a real mess on the roads. We still have quite a bit of snow around in the shady spots.

#1 son bought an old fixer upper truck from his cousin to help him out of a jam and has spent many hours working on it this month.

D-in-love is busy with her job at the heating oil company she works for in all this cold weather her phone is ringing off the hook. She also went with the youth to chaperone at Great Wolf Lodge,helps with the fifth quarters and stays busy helping with the music and other things at church.

#2 son moved into his new house the first week of the month just ahead of a major cold front and power outage. He acts like he really likes this house.

Daughter is busily starting her second semester of teaching while coaching and taking the church youth group to the Great Wolf Lodge for a fun weekend along with sponsoring fifth quarters at church to give the kids at school a place to go after the home games on Friday nights.

Aaron and Rebekah have had an up and down month with news of a property loan they are waiting for. They brought their bull back from Georgia and he has been busily breeding their cows this month. They only got one out of six calves last year and are questioning this bulls breeding health so we are helping watch so we can make sure the cows are bred this time.  Little Evy is growing like a weed, she now has 4 front teeth and crawls everywhere.

Hubbie and I have had a pretty routine month. We bought a new mattress for our bed and found that our sleep patterns improved drastically.  I spent a lot of time this month doing what I call my "deep" cleaning. I came up a little short but with a couple days next week I should be done.

The DOT crews moved in and started the new bridge project in front of our property. It makes it a hassle to get in and out but I have decided I might as well get used to it. When I go down and the drive is blocked I just blow the horn until someone comes running to move their truck.

January 2014 is part of history after midnight tonight and I am thankful to God for the blessings of each day and for the health He gave me to get things done during the cold month.
I look forward to what God has in His plan for me and my family in February 2014.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

I always enjoy hearing what you and your family are doing. As usual, I am not disappointed.

We are dry here and hope for rain soon.

Have a blessed weekend.

linda m said...

Sounds like January was a fairly good month for you and your family. I pray February treats you well also. Snowing here today - just what we need, more snow. Blessings

Linda in Durham said...

I enjoy hearing of your life on the farm. I was raised on a farm so I can relate to so much of what you do. It amazes me the amount of cakes you make. Pray that February does well. Blessing