Sunday, January 5, 2014


A warmer morning than we've been having but a misty rain was falling as I did the chores before church.
Church was good today as we finished up the last chapter of Malachi.
We all met at Cracker Barrel for lunch after church as hubbie's and  me's treat and celebration for all the good news of the last week for the kids.
G-son always likes to having a rousing game of checkers with his mom as we wait our turn for seating.
It was a little cool out here today and the game was short.
We all had a delicious meal. I had my favorite of the spicy grilled catfish with salad, fried okra and boiled cabbage.
After our meal we all stopped by the estate sale place. I found a couple small quits I bought to cover the recliner g-son sits and eats in and some linen appliqued pillows.

I also found a small cheap display rack for market.
Hubbie and I left there and stopped by Belk's to look for him a suit jacket and white shirt. He found both on the 85% off racks and of course I found a couple things for myself on these racks. I also stocked up on my favorite lotions from Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale.
We got home to find #2 son looking for a hole saw to put cord holes in the TV stand he bought last night. He had already been to Best Buy and bought a bigger TV. He seems so excited about this new house.
As hubbie and I started chores Aaron and #1 son pulled in with a trailer full of furniture that Aaron and Rebekah had bought at the sale last night.  Hubbie took his truck and helped them get it up to Aaron's house. Then they took their old living room set up to #2 son's sunroom that is empty of furniture. They are going to advertise to sell it and that will be a good place to pick it up from.
G-son came to stay with me while his mom and Rebekah went grocery shopping. I finished taping all the plastic containers of my Christmas decorations so when hubbie got back we put them in the garden shed for a long 11 month rest.
I still haven't gotten down all the outside things but they are wet again now.
The big news tonight is the weather as winter storm Ion is putting almost the entire country in the deep freeze for the next several days. Here we are expecting the coldest temperatures we have seen in over 20 years.
With winds up to 30 mph that 0 is going to feel like - 20 degrees.  These coming days will definitely be  two stove fire days.
Tonight's misty light rain is supposed to turn to snow before daylight but we aren't looking for alot of accumulation.

 The frigid temps are really going to be the story for us and most of the country.
BRRRRR !!!!! 
I really hate to complain about a temperature of 0 when the northern states are looking at highs in some places of - 38 degrees !!!!
I tell myself after all this is winter and  this cold blast will do a lot to kill off  all the germs and do away with some of the insect pest that have slowly moved north to our area over the last years.
Giving all my cares to God and knowing that He knows whats best for all of us as I go to bed tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Love Cracker Barrel . Yes, it is bitter cold and it is winter. God surely must know what He is doing and maybe you are right when you say it will kill off germs and pests. I'll just have to trust God knows what He is doing and try to keep warm. Blessings