Friday, January 10, 2014


Thankfully when #1 son called and said he was on his way with g-son I could get out of bed without any pain in my back !!
I stayed on my heating pad as much as I could last night until I got so hot I had to have a break then of course I fell asleep with it turned off.
After getting g-son to school I had breakfast before getting out in the rain and doing the morning chores. Yuck the light rain on the frozen ground is making some very slick mud !!!
My purpose for today is getting my cakes baked for tomorrow and getting the last few Christmas rugs and decorations put away and the sunroom deep cleaned.
I had all the cakes baked by lunchtime, 6 caramel, 2 chocolate, 2 blackberry wine and 1 pound cake.
Tomorrow is going to be a nasty rainy day so I probably baked too much.
I worked in the sunroom the rest of the day, getting distracted with the plants downstairs which needed watering. I sat the ferns outside ,stripped off all the dead leaves and let the rain water them. I had to vacuum all the fallen leaves in the basement. I haven't been able to get to these enough to keep them properly watered but hopefully they will thrive with today's nice drink.
It is nice to be able to move around freely downstairs after #2 son got all his things out last weekend.
Back to the sunroom and getting it finally finished with a few things in new places by the time hubbie came in from work.
I am feeling a little puny today so I started my "Air Borne" this evening to hopefully ward off the cold hubbie is trying to share with me.
There was almost 3/4" of rain in the gauge this evening from today's rain.
After evening chores I iced my cakes and washed the eggs to get everything ready for market.
I meant to take some pics today of things that I need to blog about but didn't get around to doing the pics so that will be another post.
So that I will have something on here except writing here is the next 7-days forecast. Looks like we are in for another roller coaster ride weather week !!!
I will end this day with this prayer !
Good night and God Bless.


Gail said...


Those temps are looking good.

Be careful with the heating pad. Hubby feel asleep in his chair and it burned his back...silly man.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You are having great weather! What a weather year it has been already:)

linda m said...

Stay safe in all this nasty weather. I love the prayer. Blessings