Friday, January 3, 2014


Not much sleep last night as the wind was blowing so hard limbs kept slamming into the house and hitting the metal roof. I left my bath water in the bathtub so we would have toilet flushing water if the power was out this morning. Thankfully we were some of the lucky ones around here that kept our power.
The ringing phone at 5:30 told me that school was canceled today and hubbie was up getting ready to go to work. He had talked to #1 son who was out all night with the DOT road clearing crews and he said the roads that hubbie uses to get to work were not bad.
I went back to bed and snuggled under the warm covers on this 13 degree windy morning.
Thankfully the wind died down before it was choretime. The chickens were drinking fast before the water froze right back into a slab of solid ice.
Not much of the snow is left this morning as most of it has blown away.
The road looks dry.

After working all night #1 son came home to sleep and d-in-love brought g-son here on her way to work. She is fortunate to have a boss that will check out the roads and let her know when to come to work.  He was not happy that he didn't get to go to school today because they were going to have a "show and tell" day.
He played well all day with some things he hasn't played with in quite a while along with his new toys.
I spent the morning baking 4 pound cakes. I expect market to be extremely slow tomorrow as the temperature tonight is supposed to be around 12 again and tomorrow not warming until after lunch.
I took time this afternoon to finally complete a couple post of re-caps of 2013 and get them posted.
I also worked some on packing away Christmas decorations as well as getting some cleaning started.
#2 son came by to have a late lunch and pick up some tools to put some of his furniture back together as he moves it into his new house. The closing went well and only took about 10 minutes.
This is his new home and he acts happier than he has in a long time with this purchase.
There is almost 3 acres of land that go with the house so he doesn't have any close neighbors.
He had a friend come by and help him move the heavy stuff and hubbie helped when he got off work.
He got all his things moved into the new house and is spending the first night there. I know it will be quieter there than in the condo complex he has been in.
Thankful that he seems to have found what he has been looking for and is ready to settle down.
Hubbie was up there this evening when another friend stopped by that lives up the road to help unload some things. I think he will enjoy being back in the neighborhood with his friends and family.
This has been a really cold day with a high temperature of 27 degrees,at least  the wind died down and the sun shined brightly all day.
To warm up this evening g-son and I went out to the high school to watch daughter's JV basketball team play Pisgah.
Daughter gives directions from the side line to her point guard.
She is a good coach and these girls respond to her very well as they fought hard with a very good team tonight and kept coming from behind to challenge them for the lead. Unfortunately they could never quite keep the momentum long enough to take the lead but they fought really hard.
G-son and I left after this game and came home to do the evening chores.
He decided he wanted to stay with Pawpaw until his dad came after him so d-in-love and I went back to watch the varsity girls game. They also lost in a very lop sided game. I talked to a friend after their game until daughter came out of the dressing room then I came home to melt cheese for the nachos at the fifth quarter tonight after the game.
They may have a huge crowd tonight as the kids look for a warm place to go to have fun.
I wrapped and labeled my cakes and washed the eggs for market.
I am grateful tonight for the blessed life that God leads me through each day and am very thankful for His guidance for #2 son and all my kids in all their endeavers.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Happy to hear all went well yesterday. Blessings

Gail said...

I NEED the name of your vitamins!

Love your son's new house.

You have some wonderful children.

Stay warm and safe.

Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Stay warm and safe, this weather is changing radically.

I love yous son's house, ask him if he would like to trade???

Enjoy your grand kids and don't work to hard :-)