Friday, January 24, 2014


2  degrees this morning on the way to take g-son to school. I sure hope there are no kids standing out in this waiting for the bus !!
As I dropped him off I noticed the principal's face was a rosy red color, she said she had been out in the cold since 7:30 and her face was hurting.
I came home to have breakfast before tackling the outside chores. I carried buckets of water to refill frozen pans in the chicken lots and got a head ache beating holes in the ice in the cattle and horse waterers.  We need to get out our water trough heater.
Flash couldn't take the 8 degree temperature so I put him back in his basement crate. Sadie is black so she was already spread out in the bright sunshine along with Annie. They were so asleep they didn't even move when I walked by them. Thank goodness the sun is shining !!
Back inside with another log on the fire in both the wood stoves I started our bedroom deep cleaning. After lunch I called my friend/ hairdresser to make a hair cut appointment and she said she didn't have another appointment until 3:00 to come on over.  She shampooed and cut my hair and we had a nice visit to break up the afternoon for her and me.  Marketta is a sweet person and is always smiling and making sure her customers enjoy their time in her shop.  Love my new doo , thanks Marketta.

I came home and vacuumed and mopped all my floors then went back to my bedroom cleaning.
This isn't a big job like the kitchen but I am re-arranging some things to make it easier to find some of my jewelery and that took up a lot of time.
It was still 27 degrees at evening chore time and all the animals were thirsty for some un-frozen water.  Hubbie was home from work and helped me carry  some buckets of water to give everything a good drink before they went to sleep for the night.
I have used all the metal pans I have to put water in and they are now all filled with ice.
Tomorrow it is supposed to get above freezing by just a few degrees to 38 but the clouds are moving in tonight and bringing a forecast of snow for tomorrow so there will be no melting if that happens.
After chores it was good to get back inside and warm up snuggling with my 4-legged kids while watching the evening news.
To report on the first night of sleep on the new mattress......  Hubbie and both had a hard time getting to sleep as it was a very different feel than we have slept on but when we got to sleep we slept well. He said his back felt better this morning than with the old mattress but my back was a little sore as if I had worked or carried something really heavy the day before.  As I moved around this morning the soreness went away so I think I just need to get used to a firmer mattress.
It is already 14 degrees tonight at 9:30 so unless the clouds move in pretty quick it is going much lower than the predicted 12 degree low for the night !!
Thanking God for the blessings of this day and for His grace for tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.

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