Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Another cold morning at 10 degrees as g-son and I headed out to school. Thankfully the wind isn't blowing as hard as it was making it less frigid out there.
I had breakfast before chore time but the temps didn't warm up very much at all even with the nice sunshine today.
I carried water and broke water to all the animals but if they don't hurry they won't get a drink before it re-freezes.
This morning I took down all my Blue Willow dishes in the sunroom and ran them through the dish washer.
I definitely got my "stair stepping" exercise in as I had trouble deciding how I wanted them arranged after they were washed and changed my mind a couple times. Taking them down and putting them back up.  At least I can mark the sun room off my deep cleaning list after today.
I have our bedroom, g-son's playroom and my office yet to go and then there is the basement that needs a good cleaning after everyone got all the extra furniture out.  With one more week in this month it will be a busy one or my cleaning may spill over into "tax" month !
After picking up g-son we came home and he went to work building with his legos while I re-filled waterers and gave extra feed to all the animals to prepare them for another very cold night. It is supposed to be 15 tonight, but the wind is supposed to start blowing hard again after midnight dropping the wind chill to around 0 by daylight.The high temperature today was 27 degrees. Thank the Lord for the nice sunshine so all the animals could soak up it's warmth.
To finish up my decade pics for January this is the "unknowns" for this month.

 Looks like there might be a challenge going on here.

I did weekly paperwork and payed bills tonight after a brief rest for my legs.
God is so gracious and loving everyday and only ask that we invite Him into our hearts so He can bless us with that love and graciousness.
Good Night and God Bless.


Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Beautiful plates, I say you got your exercise!

linda m said...

I'll say you got your exercise. I get mine running up and down the stairs. We are very cold here also and I try very hard to stay indoors as much as possible. Keep warm and safe. Blessings