Monday, January 6, 2014


Hubbie got up with g-son this morning and took him to school. Our county got no snow just cold and windy this morning so school was on regular schedule.
After chores and breakfast hubbie cleaned the stove pipe out in the living room wood stove. We only use this stove when it is extremely cold because it gives off so much heat in our small house. But we will need it later today ,tonight ,tomorrow and tomorrow night .
The temperature is 28 this morning and is supposed to drop throughout the day getting to 0 overnight.
Hubbie ran my errands this morning in town when he went to buy feed and get some antifreeze to top off our radiators.
I stayed home and did some deep cleaning in the living room along with getting most of the January decor out. I have some candles but don't want to put them out around the wood stove in here.
I put out one of my salt lamps in the living room.
One of the girls on daughter's basketball team's parents own a shop in Lake Lure that sells these. I read of all the benefits of having them burning in your home and decided to try them.  These rock salt lamps are said to be excellent air purifiers by releasing negative ions to add many health benefits to the air in the rooms they burn in.
Daughter gave me one for Christmas and I have it in my bedroom. I went in together with my friend the head coach out at the high school and we bought a case of six and split them so we could get wholesale pricing so I now have a total of four to spread throughout the house. This is a huge one in the living room.
#2 son came by today and I went with him to do the final check on the condo he has been living in. He was mad because the Direct TV man was supposed to come out and hook his system up this morning between 8 and 12. After he waited at home for four hours they called him and told him due to the weather issues they would not be coming today. At that time the sun was shining, the roads were clear and it was 28 so why they didn't work, who knows ????   Now he has to wait until Wednesday because their not going to work tomorrow either !!!    All the work at his house is inside so we have no idea what is going on. The dish is already up and the wires are run through the wall. He even had his box that he took from his house when he suspended his service 5 months ago.  Direct TV really dropped the ball on this one !!!  Son went to Lowe's to buy a washer and dryer and got a really good deal on some display models so that lifted his mood some.
#1 son came in after sleeping some this morning after an all night work night and said he was buying an old truck from one of his cousins who needed money badly today.  The truck looks really good but has some mechanical issues.
I picked up g-son from school and he was hungry as a bear when we got home. When I picked him up the principle told me that schools will be delayed two hours in the morning due to the cold so he will come back and spend the night with us tonight so he can sleep in a little tomorrow.
After chores hubbie and I put all three dogs in the basement tonight. Annie does not like the crate at all but isn't putting up to much of a fight down there. She probably won't come anywhere near the basement doors tomorrow night but it is going to be a little warmer tomorrow night.
As I looked around the living room tonight I thought how empty it looks after having all the Christmas decor in here.
As I write this blog and listen to the news there are many warnings out for most of the country about the cold temps and a record is supposed to be set tonight for our area as the old record low set back in 1879 was 3 degrees. It is already 6 .
I am  leaving the sunroom door open tonight with the Eden Pure heater running out there to help keep it from getting below freezing and killing all the plants out there.
It is dangerous out there if you have to be out be very careful.
 Thanking God for the blessings of the day and praying that He will give warmth and comfort to all the folks and animals out in this brutal cold tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Please stay warm and safe. Hope nothing freezes at your house. My son lives in Athens, GA and he just reported that something in his well system froze overnight. This weather is a real killer. It is -17 degrees at my house right now with a wind chill of -41. I pray God keeps everyone and everything safe. Blessings