Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Another cold morning as the thermometer reads 8 degrees as g-son and I leave for school. Many of the counties around delayed school today but we went on time.
I had breakfast before going outside to do the chores so that a little warming could make the water not freeze back so fast.
After chores I started laundry and then put an Avon order on-line. The temperature is warming fast in the bright sunshine today.
My purpose for today is to get all the outside decorations down and stored away while they are dry.
I had this done by lunch time and was ready to move back inside to continue work in the dining room deep cleaning.
I did 2 more loads of laundry while getting all containers that I had stored the regular shelf sitters in except the one that holds the things from the sunroom.
My hands felt like they were getting really chapped from all the washing of all the decorations before I put them back out.
I picked up g-son and today was a startling difference when we got home from yesterday as he didn't want to come inside in the nice 45 degree temps.

I finally enticed him inside with a big bowl of mac and cheese.
His dad picked him up early to go get ready for church tonight.
#2 son came in to meet hubbie when he got home from work so they could take the lawn mower daughter bought from her aunt to her house and pick up #2 son's lawn mower and tools he was letting daughter use last summer.  It was after dark when they got back from unloading everything in it's proper places.
I did chores and watched the news as they are predicting a much needed warm up for the weekend but it comes with the price of some heavy rain.
Hopefully the ground will thaw before the rains come or we will have a flood.
After a bowl of cream of chicken soup for supper I tackled the weekly paperwork and bills. I also got the December month end figures done and the year end figures look pretty good after a busier than normal December.
I am ending the night watching a UNC/Miami basketball game which is very close just after half time but I will probably not watch the entire game as it will be past my bedtime.
Grateful to God tonight for today's blessings and the love that He gives me each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Very happy to hear you are warming up again. So are we. Hopefully you don't get any flooding. With all our snow and warmer temps for this weekend we may experience some flooding here. God bless you.