Wednesday, January 1, 2014


2014 started out very very  early for us here at the ole farm stead with the ringing of the phone  just as hubbie and I got into bed long before the ball dropped I might add, so I guess we weren't really in 2014 yet  !!!   Anyway !!   #1 son on the other end of the phone line needed hubbie to come down and help him get the cover off his well house as his water just stopped working.
As they worked I got up to listen and watch the neighbor's fireworks display which by the way started at 10:00 !!
This is the first year in a long time that both hubbie and I were awake and up when the new year rolled in.  Shortly after midnight he came back to the house from son's after they couldn't figure out why the pump wasn't working.
This morning after chores and breakfast I put on a smoked pork shoulder for our traditional "New Years day" lunch of pork which represents good health for the coming year, black-eyed peas which bring luck, some say you must eat 365 peas on this day to have luck each day of the new year,  collard greens for hopes of coming wealth in the new year and corn bread with it's rich gold color representing gold coins of wealth.    Our family has always had this meal each new years day.
Today's lunch gathering included #1 son, #2 son, daughter, Aaron, Rebekah, Evy ,Hubbie and I as d-in-love took g-son to watch the Polar Plunge in Lake Lure. They came in just as we were finishing our lunch and had theirs.
After lunch the men went back to their well work where they had been all morning and the girls went shopping at Target. Hubbie and I started un-decorating. He took up all the outside cords and put some of the displays under the patio so the rain tonight and tomorrow won't soak them.
I worked in the living room and got all my Santa collection as well as the tree down. We taped the containers and put them back in storage. We hauled all the empty containers down to the front porch so I can work tomorrow on getting the rest of the decorations down while it is raining outside.
We stopped at dark just as the girls got back from their shopping trip. They grabbed some left-overs and all headed home.
With no water yet d-in-love and g-son came back up later to get their baths. #1 son is taking tomorrow off to replace his well pump.
As I read another December's blog in my blog books I remembered I didn't take any pics to start this new year off today so I will put some weather maps up.
Winter Storm Hercules is headed our way and is going to drop temps to the below normal range and give us some rain and a chance of snow depending on when the cold air gets here.
The first day of 2014 has been a calm day with temperatures in the mid 40's but thick clouds hung low all day.
The jet stream is dipping allowing some cold air to flow into our area starting tomorrow evening.
The next 48 hours could give us a mixed bag of precip and some of the coldest temperatures of the season.
January is predicted to be a pretty normal month for most of the country including our area.
With the record breaking year of 75 inches of rain we are starting out this year with extremely moist conditions in our area.

Well one day in the new year down with 364 more to go. Looking forward to what God has in store for my family in the coming months.
Praying tonight for the family of my friend Elaine who's memorial service was today.
R.I.P.  Elaine, tell Stanley I said hello !!

Feeling very blessed tonight as I look back then look forward to God's wonderful plan for our family.
Good Night, God Bless and Happy New Year  !!!


Betsy Adams said...

They are predicting some snow for us (first possibility this season here)--but I won't get excited 'til I see it!!!! ha... AND--our low tomorrow night is 13 (as of what they are saying now).... Yipes...

Hope you had a wonderful holiday season... We made our traditional Hoppin John (black-eyed peas, rice, kielbasa, ham, etc.) for dinner tonight... Good Luck in 2014 I hope!!!!


linda m said...

Hubby and I had lasagna for dinner. With our temps only getting into the low teens and snow falling we have had a cold snowy start to 2014. More snow is predicted through today. I am praying that 2014 is a better year than 2013 for my hubby and me. God's blessings to you and the family. Sure hope your son gets his well fixed soon.