Monday, January 20, 2014


Whew !!! Up early even if there is no school today (Martin Luther King day).  Since the weather forecast is that today is going to be a perfect laundry line drying day before the next winter storm gets to our area made it my rugs to the laundra mat day.  So after chores and breakfast with hubbie helping me off we went to the laundramat.  I was about an hour later than I usually get there so all the biggest machines were taken but I was there so I used some of the smaller machines and although it cost more at least it is done.
While I stayed at the laundry hubbie took my van to get it inspected so I can get my new tag.
Here in North Carolina we must pay $30 to have a state certified mechanic look over our vehicles before we can get our new tags each year. They have also recently added in the county vehicle taxes to the registration so they are making sure they get their money or you don't get your new tag.
I was almost finished with drying a couple large comforters when he came to pick me up.
We came home and hung all the rubber backed rugs out on the clothes line to dry on this beautiful mid 50's sunny day.
We finished just in time to head to Asheville for my yearly mammogram. I love the Asheville Breast Center. I actually arrived 20 minutes before my scheduled appointment and was finished and back in the van by the time my actual appointment time was !!   Now I am just praying the phone doesn't ring tomorrow morning and I can wait for the "all's well" letter that arrives in about a week !!
Hubbie went with me because there was a thrift shop we wanted to visit near the Breast Center.
We weren't impressed with the thrift shop and I only found a couple plant holders and two quilted pillow shams.
We stopped at another always very busy Goodwill in Fletcher but didn't buy a thing there.
After a late lunch at Subway and an animal feed store stop we came home to enjoy the warm afternoon before the cold weather hits.
I walked while hubbie hauled in fire wood to get us stocked up to burn both our woodstoves for the next few days.
I got my rugs off the line and put away before evening chore time. Daughter came by to pick up Tipper her dog that had spent the weekend with us while daughter was with her church youth group at Great Wolf Lodge for their winter outing.  She looked tired after spending two nights in the room with 6 young girls. She was hoping to have tomorrow to re-cup but it is a make up school day for the day they missed when the last cold wave came through and the schools lost power.
Hopefully there won't be any power outages with "Janus" the next winter storm that is going to drop out temperatures for the rest of the week and bring lots of snow to the northeast. We may get some nasty icing from it and maybe tomorrow night some snow.

 There will be more snow piling up in some areas than they have seen in 3 years.
It is 34 degrees tonight at 10:00 so we are headed down in a hurry !!
I am blogging earlier tonight as g-son will be here at 6:30 in the morning as both mom and dad have to go to work earlier than usual.
Hubbie and I watched part of the UNC/Virginia basketball game tonight which Virginia won.
I saw this on a friends facebook page and thought it was really funny but sadly true !!!!

Praying tonight that it is God's will that my test today will all be clear and thanking Him for the traveling mercies He showed daughter and the youth group this weekend.
Good Night and God Bless


linda eller said...

Sounds like you are ready for the snow to come. About all one can do is put another log on the fire and grab a good book to read.

linda m said...

Praying for you that your mammogram is okay. Stay warm and safe with this next round of storms. It snowed here yesterday and today it is bitter cold. Blessings

Betsy Adams said...

Hope your test came out well. Prayers for you.

Two inches of snow here --and SO pretty. Just the type of snow I love (wet one that clings to everything). I'll blog about it soon. BUT--going down to about 5 degrees tonight... Gads. Did you get snow today?