Tuesday, January 14, 2014


My phone went off with a text just as the alarm sounded at 7am this morning.  D-in-love was texting me telling me that g-son was sick and she would call later when he woke up.
I heard the rain pouring down outside so I dozed back off hoping it would stop before chore time.
I got up at 8am and the rain had stopped and by 9 when g-son got here the sun was shining.
He had a cold and when he gets a stuffed up nose he feels as if he can't breath and gets panicked. He was feeling better and was asking for breakfast as mom left going to work.
I watched these guys on and off all day.
One of the guys talked to #1 son when he came home this evening and said they were having trouble digging without hitting water.  I could have told them that they were actually in a swamp if they had of thought to ask before they made their plans out.
I spent the day between getting g-son food and drink and listening to him read a book he brought and looking at his lego structures doing laundry and housework.
I got all my cup collection washed and the things on top of the china cabinet also washed before my legs got sore from climbing up and down the ladder.
My cup collection is from all the places I have been plus the places the kids have visited.
This is just some random things on top of the china cabinet along with an old washboard.
Only like a couple more high places to clean off in the kitchen.
I instructed g-son today on dialing 911 if I happened to fall but he said he would just run over the hill and get Rebekah.
After his dad picked him up I did the evening chores. It is getting cold fast this evening. As the high 40's temperature of the day have  quickly turned to low 30's tonight.  Some of the mountains are expecting a bit of snow tomorrow but none for us.
It is 31 degrees tonight at 11:00 so anything that falls will be frozen.
I spent some time this evening sorting pictures and putting them in Albums.
Thanking God tonight for the strength He gives me each day and for the blessing of health.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda eller said...

Sorry the little fellow is sick, and hoping he is better soon. You did a lot of work, sorting, dusting, etc. My collection of pitchers are on top of the kitchen cabinets and one cant see the dust they are so high! lol

linda m said...

So sorry to hear g-son isn't feeling well. I love all your "collections", they are so interesting.

Betsy Adams said...

Hope your sweet little grandson feels better today.

We were predicted to get snow last night---but got NOTHING (no rain/no snow/nuttin').. ha ha Think the forecasters got this one wrong for us...

It is cold here today -but not even cloudy right now...