Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Slept in a little this morning as the temperature was around 12 degrees.  The sunshine beckoned me from the bedroom window, trying to convince me that it was warm out there regardless of what the indoor/outdoor thermometer on the wall said !!
I did chores then walked around a bit to make a few pics of the still really pretty snow fall.
The road looks a little better this morning. I suppose both sons got to work okay as I haven't heard any different.
Our driveway looks about the same as yesterday.
This was a very wet sticky snow and it is still sticking to everything.
The warm sunshine made even laying on the snow comfortable for Annie and Sadie.
Rebekah brought over some vegetables and deer meat for a good homemade soup for lunch. While it cooked the sledding began.
This is Evy's first snow and she didn't know what to think of all the white stuff !!!
"Okay when does the fun start? "

I'll help you decide which turn signal to use dad, we need to go that way !!
G-son had a blast !  If we would have had about another inch of snow sledding would have been much better. But we take what we get and this is the most snow we have had in a couple years around here.

Push mom !!!

D-in-love looks like she is enjoying the ride !!

This is what happens when you get off course !!!

 A triple loaded sled moves faster !!!   Notice the driver is the only one that is smiling ????
A breeze started and with the high 20's temps it was time for Evy and I to come inside and warm up.
She then watched all the action from the warm inside.
Everyone came in for a big bowl of the hot homemade soup which really hit the spot on a cold snowy day.
After lunch everyone scattered with their own activities except g-son and he stayed with me while mom kept a dr. appointment.
He talked his pawpaw into going back outside with him and although most of the snow was melted off the sledding hill they found other things to do.
Finally as the temperature started to drop into the mid 20's they came inside and got a snack and rested for a while before chore time.
#1 and #2 son came by for a bowl of the left over soup this evening. Thanks Rebekah, everyone enjoyed the soup.
Tonight is supposed to be another single digit cold night and the schools are closed again tomorrow.
It is already 13 degrees at 10:30 tonight so I expect a really cold night ahead.
As I watched the news tonight I feel guilty about all the fun we had today as I see pictures of these folks in Atlanta that got stuck in a traffic jam as the roads turned to ice rinks yesterday and became parking lots.
Schools could not get the students home on the icy roads and some are still staying at school for the second night tonight.  Folks stuck in cars on the highways that ran out of gas are sleeping in store aisles to keep warm. This is a Public's store along one of the multi-laned highways  that opened their doors to those people.
There are stories of babies being born in cars and rekindled friendships from folks who haven't seen each other in years while being stuck on the roads.  Helicopters are helping evacuate the sick. The entire city of Atlanta is said to be in total gridlock.
I can guarantee these folks are not having a fun time in this snow !!!

Talked to daughter a couple times today and she said the roads in her development had melted off pretty good by this afternoon and she shoveled her driveway out.  She didn't try it out anywhere today as the road her development is on is one of the last roads to get scraped by the DOT and it is a very curvy road. She will try to get to work in the morning.

Grateful to God tonight for a very blessed day of family and fun.  My prayers go out to anyone caught outside on this cold night.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

First of all, what waterfall is that in your header? It's GORGEOUS..

The sledding looked like so much fun... Bet little Evi didn't know what to think!!!! What a cutie...

Another cold night tonight --but then it warms up...


linda m said...

I've been praying for all those folks in the south stuck in the snow and ice. What fun your family had with the snow. My family lives in Northeastern GA. They had snow but everyone is safe. Blessings

linda m said...

Forgot to tell you, I love your new header.