Sunday, January 19, 2014


After chores and breakfast I was off to church. Hubbie had already left to to teach the Sunday school class he assist daughter with.
I go in about 15 minutes early to set up flowers on the communion table each Sunday. And I get to visit with church family for a while before the sermon starts.
Aaron has been gone to Georgia since Friday afternoon, he hauled a heifer down there and is bring his Angus bull back this afternoon so Rebekah and Evy sat with us today. Evy is a talker and a happy little girl who had everyone around us in a smiling mood by the time the service was over. A lady even told me how much she loved having her around, that even all the men sitting around her had smiles on their faces with Evy waving and smiling at them.
After lunch Aaron made it in with the bull and Rebekah went down to help him unload leaving Evy with us and G-son was here while his dad worked on his truck.
Hubbie and I can hardly believe how blessed we are to have these two around to love on.
I told g-son I would be mad if he taught Evy his eye movements !!!!
She is looking more and more like a little girl and loosing that baby look. She has 6 teeth already.
Love the dimply chin !!!  Is she really sticking her tongue out at the photographer ???
If it's not the eyes it's the mouth !!!   Oh well ,fun, fun !!
After all the excitement died down, Evy went home, g-son played quietly with his building blocks,hubbie loaded some boards for #2 son to put around the bottom of the sheet rock in his garage then helped #1 son with his truck and Aaron with putting up some electric fence while I helped g-son and  did some paperwork for my mammogram appointment tomorrow.
The temperature has been in the mid 40's with sunshine today but is dropping like a rock tonight headed for the low 20's.
No school tomorrow and everyone is off for a change so I'm glad it is going to be the only nice day of the week with highs predicted to hit the upper 50's before we plunge into the deep freeze for the rest of the week.
The jet stream path is allowing the artic air to reach really far south for the week.
Grateful tonight for the amazing blessings God gives me each day ,I pray that He is glorified in me.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

The pictures of g-son and Evy are so precious. You really are lucky to have such sweet little ones in your life. The cold temps are going to settle in around here again. Good luck on your mammogram. Blessings

linda eller said...

Your two grandchildren are precious, and I know what fun it is to have them around. Enjoy the 'day off'!