Tuesday, January 21, 2014


G-son got here earlier than usual this morning as mom and dad both had early work schedules today.
He had extra time to catch up on his lego structures.
After getting him to school I had breakfast and then did the chores in the cold morning. It started out at 25 but with the nice sunshine it warmed up quickly reaching the mid 40's by lunch time.
I took a walk as I figure this will be the last day this week for outside walking.  As I walked I heard loud splashing noises coming from the farm pond.  This was the culprit as he was showing his male powers to the few remaining roots of this dead tree near some of the flood waters.
Aaron brought his bull in from Georgia Sunday and he has been marking his territory ever since. He is the same bull from last year only about twice the size.
I did laundry and house cleaning all morning. The refrigerator was the target of my deep cleaning today along with my baking shelves and my movable island.
About 2:00 I looked out the window and the snow flakes were pouring down.
The nearby mountains were hidden by the snow blizzard.
But the thermometer still said 38 degrees here.  As I noticed the flakes slow and finally stop a patch of blue sky came over and the sun got in a few last rays before it was engulfed in clouds and snow showers for the rest of the afternoon and evening.
When I went after g-son the wind was really whipping around the few flakes that were falling at that time.
After getting him settled in I finished my cleaning in the kitchen.
At chore time it was getting really cold out in the windy snow shower. The animals all were glad to get in their warm houses for the evening. Sadie and Flash wanted an early entrance into their crates in the basement. I tried to get Annie to go in there in her crate but she had other ideas. She ran back into the outside lot and hunkered down in her dog house. She does not like being confined in that small crate and would rather deal with the cold.
 The snow didn't stick much around our place only a faint dusting on the grass but in other places just north of us the roads are a mess.
Daughter's school and cross county rival West Henderson was the only basketball game in the area tonight and they got worried during the girls game and talked about calling off the boys game if the snow didn't stop. But it did !
Both daughter's teams won their games by large margins so she had a good night.
Here is her team during the singing of the Star Spangled Banner before they played tonight. Daughter is the second coach from left with black sweater.

This is a map of the weather warnings around our area.
We are under a wind chill earning as temperatures by morning will feel like -5 degrees.
This is a double wood stove night and it feels good in here even now with temps still hovering around 20 degrees at 10:00.   Predictions of   8  to  10  degrees for in the morning with 30mph winds is going to make for a very raw morning.
I have been working on getting some recipes together for a cook book that our church is going to publish.
Thanking God for the blessings of the day and for the strength He gives me each day. And especially prayerfully thankful that I didn't get a phone call today about my mammogram of  yesterday. Prayerfully hopeful that breast cancer is not in God's plan for me in 2014.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

you are getting the winter storm that just blew out of here. Stay warm. So happy to hear you didn't get "the" phone call yesterday. Blessings