Sunday, January 26, 2014


A nice sunny morning with a temperature of 28, wow ,  we are going through a heat wave !!!
Church was good today, we finished up the book of Jude.  Wonder where he will go next ??
Everyone made it to lunch of smoked Boston butt from the freezer from the last smoker full back  in November. It was still very good. Rebekah brought a crock pot full of mac and cheese to go with baked beans and slaw.  It was a very good lunch.
After we ate #2 son gathered up some extra fire irons and tools to take to his house as he took the gas logs out of the fireplace in his new house and is making it back into a wood burning fire place.
#1 son and Aaron went out to work on a truck, daughter went home to clean house, d-in-love and Rebekah went to a beauty shop wholesale place in town and hubbie went up to help the guys on the truck.  So that made my afternoon very enjoyable as I got to spend it with these two.
 They play so well together whether it's with the big building blocks .....
 or the super hero figures .

Evy is getting very close to the point of taking off and starting to walk. She held onto g-son as he moved around today to walk with him and she can stand alone. He was so good and patient with her.
As she cooed and ahhed today while they were playing g-son asked if "baby" language had a name ?
He asked if he made all the noises like that when he was little and I assured him he did. 
After everyone left I did evening chores in the upper 40's and it was nice not to have to lug water buckets and break ice out of the water pans. I was surprised  at how much of the thick ice had melted in the pans.
Hubbie and I watched a UNC/Clemson basketball game tonight which UNC ran away with.
Took time tonight to try and look up how to fix the speedometer in my van. Today the stopping speed is 40mph, so it said I was driving 90 - 95 mph all the way to church this morning and as hubbie drove g-son to a class at church tonight he said it said he was going 100mph with a stopped speed of 50.
I read tonight that a crazy acting speedometer could affect many other aspects of driving so I need to have it checked out this week.
An enjoyable peaceful Sunday to celebrate the love of our Lord and Savoir, Jesus Christ.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

What a wonderful "Lord's Day" you had. Could ask for anything better. Good luck with the speedometer. You really should drive slower, hahaha Blessings