Wednesday, January 15, 2014


G-son was feeling better this morning so off to school we went. He is getting almost too smart as on the way out the door I ask him if he felt okay, to which he replied," what if I'm not?"  Hmmmm, I said then I probably should call the doctor. He suddenly was really okay !!!
After chores I bagged my Avon orders and boxed one up for shipping. If you haven't checked out you should before you ship anything else. They give discounts for printing labels on line and then track it and let you know when it is delivered for free !
After lunch I did more house cleaning. After my regular dusting I deep cleaned more in the kitchen and did some re-arranging.
I also washed all the pictures in the living room and hallway.
I am not setting any certain duties for certain days and it seems to be working out better this way and I am getting things done that I didn't last year.
I want to move my living room furniture around but can't figure out how just yet !!
The snow flurries flew for awhile this afternoon and many counties around us let school out early. #1 son had to work over this evening putting salt on roads in the northern part of the county where the most snow fell. Here at our farm it stayed to warm in the mid 30's until the snow passed through.
We get another chance Friday.
We are in a below normal ride for the next several days.
When I picked up g-son today he sounded all stuffed up but acted like he felt okay. Hopefully he will be able to fight off this cold.
After chilly choretime I spent time in my office on weekly paperwork , bill paying and quarterly taxes. January is always a juggling month for me with market money dropping to almost zero and Christmas bills to pay.
To continue with my decade memories I found quite a few pictures from January 1984 of playing in the snow with our two little boys.
#1 son was 27 months old and enjoying the sledding.

#2 son was only 10 months old and not sure about this whole snow sledding thing even with mom and dad.

They both always loved playing in the snow together.
This was the road that goes by our place.
Oh how that snow looks like fun, wonder if we will get to have any of that fun this January 2014 ??
I guess I had better be careful what I wish for with these same two boys now having jobs where they both have to go to work and work out in the snow instead of playing.
Giving all my cares to God tonight as I get ready for bed and am so glad I have Him to keep me safe all through the night.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Glad your grandson is better. Love the old snow photos and your sweet little boys... CUTE!!! Amazing how fast time goes by and how well those boys have done. Know you are proud of them.

We may get some snow on Thurs. night/Friday---but there's only a 30% chance this time.. Since we got nothing today, we probably won't get anything on Friday either... ha


Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

I'm happy to hear your grandson is starting to feel a little better. Hopefully, he will get rid of that stuffiness. Stay warm, and y'all be safe if you get all kinds of snow.

It's warmed up here a bit, once again expecting the 60's over the weekend.

linda m said...

We had snow yesterday. Today is just windy and cold. Your sledding pictures remind me of growing up. Sledding was our favorite winter sport. Blessings.

linda eller said...

Loved the pictures of by-gone days. Also hope your g.son continues to improve and not get sick again.