Monday, July 25, 2016


Up early this Monday morning to greet g-son and g-daughter as they arrived at 7 am. Mom is back on her regular schedule this week of working today and tomorrow.
They both had waffles for breakfast and as they were getting settled in with them Aa brought EL over to spend the morning. Re worked all night at the hospital and was taking BB to the doctor this morning for his regular check-up.
EL got some waffles for breakfast and they all ate while I did morning chores and hubbie walked to get the newspaper.
BB arrived shortly to stay the morning so Re cold get a few hours sleep. All four kids were very good and played well together inside and outside all morning.

G-daughter loves to swing and the older kids get a kick out of making her laugh so much !!!

There is just something about boys ans sticks as BB collected sticks and slide all of them down the slide before he followed !!!

Flash even renewed his close relationship with g-son today as he climbed into the hammock on his own to sit beside g-son.
We came back inside and had lunch of raviolli, green beans and corn. Then Re came after BB and EL but EL begged to sleep here and stay the rest of the day so Re let her. She and g-daughter took about 1 1/2 hour naps in the playroom where there is a twin bed in addition to the crib.
After nap time the "bigs" had pringle chips for snack so they got inside the playpen and left g-daughter wondering what was going on ????
Soon it was time to leave for Bible School as d-in-love picked up g-daughter and I took g-son and EL to their second day of VBS.
EL reminds me so much of g-son at her age and his love for the music and dancing.  G-son is still having a great time this week even at his almost 10 year old age. He is in the middle in this pic.
I'm not sure what is getting ready to happen in this pic with g-son's class but I've a feeling someone is going to get wet !!!
Don't know why g-son is offering up his flip flops in this pic ???

EL and Clayton Stepp warmed up while everyone else was coming in !!!

EL's class grew to 14 tonight !!!
We had a puppet stage in our classroom and the kids enjoyed putting on performances for each other.
Music time was still the favorite.

Re got there after a meeting at work about 8:00 and I came home to get the chores done.  Bible school is so much fun for these kids and all the adults put so much work into this week it always amazes me. I am so thankful that the kids in our community have the opportunity to be a part of this weeks Bible study and hopefully they get a feel for how much Jesus loves each and everyone of them.
Update I am still wearing a knee brace and hobbling around with my sore knee but it does seem to be getting better and less painful each day.
I am grateful for the blessing of getting to be a part of this and the blessing of having these little ones around to love on.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

I can't believe how big those children re getting. Must be the summer heat and all the love that is making them sprout up so. Blessings