Friday, July 8, 2016


Up early to get this special, busy day started. The early morning was routine with chores and breakfast but then it got very busy. Josh and his brother Ben had brought a trailer in last night with borrowed tales and easels on it. They had backed it in the barn to keep it out of the rain that fell on and off all evening. It only amounted to about 2/10ths in the gauge but made things pretty nasty all evening.
Daughter had chosen to have her wedding at The Grand Highlands Club house on top of Bearwallow mountain which is about 15 minutes from our house. She has alwasy wanted to get married on a mountain top and this place fits the bill exactly !!

We rented it from 12:00 today until 12:00 Sunday for the wedding and reception. As soon as we finished breakfast we started loading all the things to decorate with in our vehicles, d-in-love came up and we loaded her up then mine then hubbies. Ben came after the trailer of tables and we re-strapped them down so they wouldn't move going around all the curves up the mountain.
We all headed up there to meet the flower delivery Russell made. These are so pretty and g-daughter just loved looking at them.

Daughter with a loaded car, Re with her vehicle loaded and my cousin, Sharon also with a loaded truck met us there.

We unloaded and started to work......
The guys tackled the seating arrangement.
 While the girls tackled all those beautiful flowers.

 Even both #1 and #2 son got into the decorating.

At 4:30 we stopped work and got ready for rehearsal and dinner.
 BB and g-daughter got to ride !!!

 G-son and new cousin Carson were the "ring security" !!
 EL was the littlest flower girl !!!
 Time daddy and bride !!!

 Pastor Craig was doing the service.
 Practicing the unity "braid" !!
Yummy after rehearsal dinner.

These two were a hit in this wagon !!!

Just after dinner it came a terrible storm with high wind, lots of rain, thunder and lightening. I pray that Mother Nature doesn't do this tomorrow night !!

After the storm there was an awesome red glow on top of the mountains and daughter took it as a sign for good weather for tomorrow.

After dinner it was back to work and we worked until about 10:00 before calling it a day. We got most of the flowers arrangements made and all the tables set up.

As I tried to go to sleep I kept remembering things I needed for tomorrow and finally about 2:00 am I settled down for sleep.
Thanking God for a glorious time today with family and friends and praying that all my daughter's dreams for a wedding day will come true tomorrow.
God Bless and Good Night.


linda m said...

How exciting. Sure hope all went well for the wedding and that the weather was perfect. Blessings

Anonymous said...

Any hope of seeing the actual wedding pics?