Sunday, July 31, 2016


Well this is my waking up view for the next week !!! 
It is a little foggy this morning early. As I got down to the kitchen to eat everyone else was already up and all the kids were already playing.

We all had breakfast of our liking today, some eggs, some French toast, some bagels and cream cheese, some cereal !!!!   I had a half of bagel with some black cherry cream cheese spread I found yesterday at the Food Lion.
The kids were all itching to get to the beach so off we went.
Aa stayed with BB while he got his morning nap in.
The water was really calm and warm this morning and the kids had a ball.

We came inside at noon to have lunch. We always have a lot of sandwich stuff for our lunches. All the water play made everyone really hungry.
After we ate we all sat around while the kids took naps. I snapped these pics of the house we are renting this year. It is a really nice house but it is a really long walk to the beach.

 We all love this private gated community we are in as the houses are spread apart and the views are great.

About 3:30 #2 son, Tif and daughter arrived . Thanking God for the safe traveling mercies he extended to them today. They left about 9:15 this morning .
After we got them unloaded we all went back out to the beach but the winds had really kicked up due to a storm just up the coast and it wasn't the calm ocean it was earlier today at all.
The kids still got to play in the waves just not as far out as this morning.

Tonight was spaghetti night so while we fixed dinner #2 son, Tif and Aa went back to Food Lion to get more groceries . We eat a lot !!!!
We all had a delicious dinner of salad, spaghetti and toast.
After dinner it was really great to sit around and laugh and talk.
And I almost forgot I did get a year older today as this is my 62nd birthday. Happy Birthday to me !!!
More gifts !!!

Thanks daughter and Josh for the digital picture frame loaded with all their wedding photos and thanks #2 son and Tif for the infuser water bottle. I love to fix water like this , flavored with fruit in the middle .
Grateful to God for the wonderful blessing of today and so thankful for all the people He has chosen to surround me with.
God Bless and Good Night.


linda m said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you. May God grant you many more. Looks like a wonderful place for a vacation. So happy you are all having a fun time. Blessings

Betsy Adams said...

Happy Birthday to you, Marilyn. I turned 74 this past Friday. YIPES.

Looks like a nice beach house... AND---glad the family is all having a good time.