Monday, July 4, 2016


 Happy 240th birthday America !!!
Well this Fourth of July holiday sure didn't start out very well for us. Just as we were getting stated with our day a little squirrel decided to hop onto our transformer and after creating some early day fireworks and an explosion that had all the neighbors calling to check on us we were without power !
When I called to report the outage I was surprised when the recording said there was over 1000 folks without power in our area . Surly that little squirrel didn't cause that much damage. Shortly I got a call back from the power company asking what exactly the problem was and she said it would be at least 4 hours before they could get here as there was a major line down and on fire that was a higher priority.
We did our morning chores and had water and a protein bar for breakfast. #1 son's power was still on so I went down there a little later to use the bathroom and made me a hot cup of coffee.
Hubbie and I spent the cool morning outside pulling weeds in the garden and picking the ripe squash and cucumbers that are now coming along.
I trimmed some bushes around my flower beds and weeded them. We kept the house doors closed and it stayed pretty cool inside even as the humidity rose outside. There was 1/2 inch of rain in the gauge this morning from the over night rain and it is very muggy this morning.
Hubbie went over to daughter's to pick up some things for the wedding he needs to haul in his truck up there and I stayed here in case the power workers came. I put away all of last week's laundry and gathered together this weeks and carried it downstairs to be ready to wash as soon as we have power.
When hubbie got back we had lunch, he had crackers and peanut butter and I had another protein bar.
We didn't want to eat much anyway with our cookout coming this evening.
After we ate we sat out in the outside patio and enjoyed the cool breeze that was blowing through there.
Finally at 3:00 the power truck rolled in.

Thankfully it was a big bucket truck as they had to replace the fuse apparatus on the transformer because the old one was so out dated they didn't have a new fuse that would fit it. He said this newer unit would be a little harder for a squirrel to trip. That's a good thing since this is about the fourth time this has happened in the last couple years.

When they finished we still had no power so they went down on the road and replaced the main fuse that was also blown this time.
Whew !!! It was good to have the power back on. I don't worry about the air conditioning but was beginning to get concerned about all the food in my refrigerators and freezer !!
As soon as they left hubbie and I got busy with preparations for our cook out. I also got 2 loads of my Monday laundry done, leaving one extra thing to do tomorrow.
We set up the outside patio while the nice breeze blew to eat supper in.
We made potato salad, corn on the cob, sauteed yellow squash and onions, peach cobbler and d-in-love brought a broccoli salad and and amazing whipped cream dessert that everyone loved.
We had #1 's family, Deb d-in-love's mom, Aa's family, daughter and Josh. Everyone enjoyed the food and fireworks very much as you can tell from all the following pics.

G-son was so proud he got to light the smaller fireworks this year !!!

The bigger fireworks #1 son, Aa  and g-son set off down in the bottom pasture so we could sit out on the hill and watch.

After everyone left hubbie and I put things all back away  in case the overnight rain comes again.
Thanking God for a wonderful family and friend filled day and praying for His loving hand to guide our country's leaders .

God Bless and Good Night

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