Friday, July 1, 2016


Up early to get this busy day started and unfortunately I have a stomach ache !!  I'm sure it is the residual effects of the two antibiotic pills I swallowed last night before bedtime. I drank keiffer with them but my system is so sensitive that anytime my stomach gets empty it hurts.
After an omelet and coffee for breakfast I felt normal again.
I did chores and then took a nice walk around the farm to check out what our fruit trees and vines are doing so far this year.
After losing our entire Plum crop and expecting that we had lost all the Pears and Apples but there is more survivors on these trees than expected however they appear damaged so they may rot yet !!

The Blueberries are looking good.

And the Grapes have survived a ferocious attack from Japanese Beetles earlier and are looking plentiful.

The Blackberries are going to provide a bounty this year if nothing happens to them.

The garden is coming along even with the dry , hot weather we have had this past month.

I spent time re-digging out my driveway ditches after the 1 inch of rain that fell last night in a short time washing them back full of gravel again.
This old standing tree trunk is a favorite stop for Woodpeckers around our place and really stands out against the summer sky this morning.

Back inside and dripping with sweat I changed clothes and began baking.
I baked 18 caramel, 2 chocolate, 1 coconut, 2 pound cakes before having a late lunch and taking a much needed break off my feet.
Daughter who has spent this week since last Sunday in Hilton Head, SC with her volleyball team at a camp called and asked if I could pick her up at  Bryan Easler Toyota to return the rental van she took.
I met her there at 5:00 and took her home . She looks tired after living in the same house with 21 teenage girls for the last week !!!  This pic was taken at the beginning of the week when the smiles were still bright !!! Daughter is the  coach on the left in the orange tank top.

I got home at 6:15 just in time for g-daughter and g-son to arrive to stay while d-in-love made some photos of a young couple for their engagement.
Hubbie and I took turns getting the chores done, having supper and watching g-daughter who is all over the place now if she gets down.
#1 son picked them up and I started icing cakes. I spent the entire evening on my feet in the kitchen finishing about midnight to fall into bed exhausted as usual on the market days before holidays.
Welcome July !!!!
I am very grateful to God for the strength He blesses me with each day and very thankful to rest in the comfort that He is beside me in all that I do.
God Bless and Good Night

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