Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Whew !!! Up to another busy day of this very busy week !!!  I got the chores done and had breakfast before loading the Honda with the 5 caramel cakes for the delivery. I picked up g-son on the way who wanted to stay with me rather than go with his mom shopping.
We met Susie ,one of my long time friends . Susie has had a rough year this year, after her doctors found a very aggressive cancer cell in her uterus last December. They took it out and couldn't find any evidence of the cancer anywhere else in her body. They gave her the option of doing nothing and just watching to make sure they caught the cancer if it returned or giving her an aggressive radiation and chemotherapy treatment. She opted for the treatments because of the fear of the cancer returning when she was older . She is within a month of the exact same age as me, 61.
She was supposed to have her last chemo treatment last Friday but couldn't because her white cell count was too low so she drove up here to check on her house and get some caramel cakes. She looks pretty good for someone that has went through what she has over the last 6 months !!
G-son and I went to Ingles to get a gallon of milk for my baking today on our way home. He had a late breakfast when we got here while I got baking started.
I baked 12 caramel, 2 chocolate and 2 pound cakes for market tomorrow.
G-son was in another building mood today and got out all the different sizes of building blocks and had fun  creating all kinds of structures.
After lunch he wanted to taste the lemon juice I had in the frig. I told him it was really sour but he had to find out for himself !!!!

After lunch I had to clean the kitchen a bit to turn from baking to canning mode.
I canned 7 quarts of green beans before it was chore time. They turned out really pretty in the jars.

I broke another bowl for 7 more quarts while I watched these pressure but with 12 caramel and 2 chocolate cakes waiting to be iced I will wait until tomorrow to can more.
The clouds moved in late this afternoon to cool the 88 degree day down a little but thankfully we only heard distant thunder and got no rain. Hubbie got to mow the lawn this evening without any rainy interuptions.
I did chores then did weekly paperwork and paid bills plus did June month ending figures so I can get the quarterly taxes paid. June was not a very good month compared to past years but it is because one of the bigger camps ,Green River Preserve. has changed their menu and don't buy as many cakes as before.
I spent the remainder of the evening in the kitchen icing cakes and getting things ready for market.
I feels like it has been longer than a week since I have been to market !!
I need to get decade pics started so tonight this is the earliest memory from the July xxx6 series. In July of 1946 the hunting and fishing regulations were revised. It made me laugh when I looked at the fees back then !!!
Heard from the "honeymooners" tonight and they are having a blast in Punta Cana.

Grateful for another blessed day bathed in the love of my Savior and Friend Jesus Christ.
God Bless and Good Night.

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