Sunday, July 3, 2016


A nice Sunday morning started out with a few extra zzz's which I needed as my nap in the hammock yesterday evening got in the way of my sleeping last night.
After chores and breakfast I headed up to church to get out the red ,white and blue decorations for the church.
We always have the procession of the Patriots to begin the service and I am always surprised at the number of servicemen who go to our church. The line always stretches all across the front of the church.
The sermon was from II Chronicles chapter 7 verse 14 today about men repenting of our sins and asking God to bless our country once again.
After church we all headed home except hubbie who stayed for a Deacon's meeting right after church.
We had spaghetti and Texas toast . G-son was very hungry and ate 4 plates of noodles with butter and cheese on them with Texas toast. Lunch bunch was small today with only #1 son's family here.
After lunch they all left and hubbie and I relaxed for the afternoon. He watched a Nascar race on TV and I found a new place to put my feet up but did not nap today !!!
The sun didn't last long as clouds covered the sky and rain sprinkled a couple times. I went up to the garden and pulled weeds for the chickens before the rain drops got larger and ran me inside.
The rain stopped as soon as it had started and hubbie and I made a trip to Ingles and Sam's Club for our cook-out supplies for tomorrow.
We came home to more sprinkling rain but not enough to measure in the gauge. We did chores and then came inside to relax the rest of the evening away.
Praying for our country as we celebrate her 240th birthday tomorrow and thanking God for the freedom we have.
God Bless and Good Night

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