Thursday, July 28, 2016


Another market day morning hurrying through chores and getting ready for market trying not to get too sweaty before I get there !!!
I took a large 5 cake order for Saturday on the drive to market so that is a good start to the day. Market was okay with the heat in here even early but about noon the clouds rolled in and gave us a little reprieve from the heat.
As I look around my market tables I desperately need to find some sewing time during these busy days.
On days like these when I have time to look around and check out all the neighbors it is always surprising to find things out that I do. Today I discovered the lady across the isle from me, Ruby , who does not like me at all for some reason is in the hospital with heart trouble.

The lady down the isle , Pat , had a near heat stroke and has been staying inside her house to keep out of the heat.

Another market and country neighbor who lives up the road from me , Lavonne, is fighting cancer with continued radiation and chemo treatments with no end in sight , but she said she is thankful for everyday they buy her with her incurable cancer.

While hearing all this bad news I felt a renewed thankfulness to God for my health. Even with my aches and pains I am so blessed to have the health I have.
I sat for alot of the day with my knees up resting them all I could. I am very thankful for all the things I did sell today.
After market I ran errands and then stopped at Aldi and Walmart for baking supplies and groceries.
I got home at the same time as hubbie got in from work. We unloaded and put everything away then I talked to daughter. She got the wedding photos back today from the photographer. They are very good pictures but she was disapointed that there were no pics of anyone walking down the isle, especially the kids with the signs and no pic of her and her father coming down the isle. The photographer wasn't in position to get these pics sadly.
Here are a couple very good pics.

God is good all the time ,all the time God is good !!!!
G-son in the light blue shirt on the far right in this picture is still enjoying VBS.

After chores tonight I called in my phone repair and also me internet is having a problem going off and on ,probably from the same problem. It's funny how some reps you talk to say one has nothing to do with the other but some say they are connected and when one has trouble the other one does also.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the everlasting love of Jesus Christ.
God Bless and Good Night
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

I pray you stay safe with all this heat and humidity going on. We have the same weather here in Wisconsin. Also praying your knees improve quickly. Love the wedding pictures. Your daughter looks just beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings