Thursday, July 21, 2016


Another mid July "dog day" morning broke foggy and already heating up as I did the chores early to get ready for market.
By the time I had finished getting ready and headed out the sun was shining.
Daughter joined me at market with her baked goods and stayed and helped most of the morning although business was slow I enjoyed having her help.
After she left it got a little busier and I had a pretty good day and even sold several croft items which reminded me I need to find some sewing time .
This is a picture a market member who keeps up our facebook page took of me and part of my table today.
The skies clouded up so I loaded the Honda a little early today in the extreme heat of the day. This is what the thermometer said as I left market and headed out to do the regular errands. No wonder I feel like a wilted plant this afternoon, 94 is hot in anybodies book .
I stopped at AldI for baking supples , then Tractor Supply to pick up some feeders for the chickens. As I left here hail started to pound down but fortunately in the direction I was going I left the hail behind but it was raining when I went into Walmart.
I got home about 4:00 to dry roads here.
Hubbie came in shortly and helped me unload. We were both sapped by the heat of the day and crashed to watch the news. Both of us took refreshing naps, I'm just hoping that nap doesn't keep me up tonight !!
After we had supper we did chores. I put the new feeders in 2 of my chicken boxes so maybe these won't be so easy to turn over and spill the feed from.
We gleaned the garden while we were up there and got cucumbers, yellow squash, and finally a couple turning tomatoes.
As we sat on the porch to watch what we thought was a storm passing to the south of us it started raining hard here and has rained all evening. Just a slow perfect soaking rain with no fireworks.
Back in July of 1986 life was exciting with three little children. We made a trip to cool off in Davidson River . The water is always cold in this mountain river as you can tell by #2 son and daughter's reaction in a couple of the pics.

My Aunt Carol and Uncle Bob came for a visit that July and we fixed dinner at our house with aunt Carol's and my mom's help.

The kids........

Love these memories and am so grateful to God for leading me through the life He has chosen for me.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

I always love it when you post your memory pictures. Ah, the good old days. Happy you finally got some rain. we had a bad storm go through here let night - sirens, high winds, driving rain. Hubby and I spent time in the basement when the sirens went off. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Blessings