Saturday, July 16, 2016


Up and off to market this morning. The streets were pretty vacant on the way into town but market business warmed up nicely as the morning went on.
I had a good sales day even though it was cut a bit short by a terrible thunder / lightening storm that knocked the power off and the rains poured so that we thought the water was going to get over the sidewalk and come into market.
The storm cloud over the city was scary looking as I stopped at Aldi to pick up supplies for next week.

Hubbie helped me unload when I got home to beat the rain that was headed our way.
We rested while the rain fell,thankfully not as hard as it had rained in town and no thunder and lightening with it.
After a short rest I started canning beans again. I finished the "green bean week" with 14 more quarts of half runners to bring the total for the week to 56 canned quarts and 17 dilly bean pickles.
When I sat the second canner off the stove to cool I got out my rain coat and headed out to do the chores in the still falling light rain. There was 6/10ths inch in the gauge from this rain storm and it is still raining.
I came inside and had supper then took the dogs outside after the rain stopped. This moon was rising in a clearing sky.
Heard from daughter tonight and the weather there is beautiful and they are having a wonderful time.
I pray for traveling mercies for them as they head home tomorrow.

 Back in July of 1966 I turned 12 years old and this was the only picture of that birthday.
Thankful to God for the blessings of this day and for the safety of His loving arms as He guides me.
God Bless and Good Night.

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