Saturday, July 9, 2016


My oh my after an entire year of planning the day has arrived !!  Wedding day for daughter is cloudy this morning but the weather forecasters are predicting a  clear afternoon, I just pray that they are correct today !!!
We got up at 7am to get things started early. I had my hair appointment at 9am to have my hair put up and that took an hour but it rally looks good .
I came home and started gathering things I needed today up and loading them. Hubbie has been collecting ice all morning from some business who are donating it for the occasion.
He has his truck loaded with signs and coolers and  #2 son is putting up all the directional signs on his way up the mountain this morning. Aa is also bringing more ice when he comes.
Sharon and I arrived about the same time and went to work straightening out all the wind damage from last nights storm. The table cloths and flowers on the outside tables were still blowing around in today's wind but it is at least much cooler than yesterday.
Sis-in-law Sandy and her food crew of her sister Debbie, cousin Carol, sis-in-law Kristy, friend Holly and cousin Debbie came in and started setting up the serving tables.
Everything looks very good and I think we are ready for the guest !!

 Soon the bridesmaids arrived and the make up artist for daughter and I arrived. She did my make up first and it looked awesome. Daughters was also awesome , she did a very good job. Then daughter had her future sis-in-law , who was also one of the bridesmaids put her hair up in a beautiful style.
I love all these littles !!!!

If daughter was nervous she sure hid it well as it came time for her to get into her wedding dress.
Re and I worked on getting the dress laced and properly fit . She looked gorgeous as a bride.
As the 240 wedding guest filled every seat the procession began.

And then the bride and hubbie made their way down.

 The wedding was beautiful and I thank God so humbly for the beautiful evening. I was continually pinching myself as everything went perfectly all evening.

Everyone had so much fun and it was so beautiful , I want to thank all those who helped make this the fairytale  wedding  I know daughter has always dreamed she might have.
All the nieces and nephews did a great job without one tear or mishap the entire time !
 Beautiful bridesmaids.....
Hubbie and I love our new s-in-love !!!
Wedding party of 18 ............

 New bros in laws !!!!
 Daughter's two students who helped so much with the wedding !!!  A big thank you to Megan and Reva !!
Cousin Sharon was a blessing with her help !!!!

Relaxing during the photo session.

The very first dance belonged to EL !!

Bride and groom first dance.

Daddy, daughter  dance.

Everyone enjoyed the meal we provided and all the cakes.

Daughters' "little sister", Kaitlyn, gave a really touching tribute speak .

 This was one of the bridesmaids, Kindra's, fathers and his band , they were very very good and everyone had a really great time dancing to their music.
 These two little girls had the most fun of all I think !!!
 Most of the family !!!!

 At the end of the night #1 son requested a song for he and daughter to dance to and there were lots of tears during this song !!!!  After all this is his only little sister !!!!
 A dream come true evening with a dreamy sunset.
The bouquet and garter toss !

So many prayers were answered tonight for this special couple as they begin their lives together on this magical evening !!!!  May your lives always be filled with the wonders of life and the love of the Lord.
God has blessed us today with this beautiful evening and I am humbled by His glorious love .
God Bless and Good Night.


JMD said...

Without a doubt the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. PS I like your dress, it is a great color on you.

Betsy Adams said...

Awesome---awesome----awesome.... Such a gorgeous wedding and the setting was perfect..... Loved the happy couple during the sunset photo... PERFECT....

Thanks for sharing... Hope you were able to get some rest...